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    Passive Income Earner Helium mining

    Does anyone here mine Helium? I am considering investing in a unit as earnings look good. Just wondered if anyone here has any experience with it?
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    Free music players

    I use Google music player and it really does everything I want it to do and is free. However, Google have made a poor decision to discontinue it and attempt to force people to use Youtube music app instead. I have looked at this and doesn't do half what google music can do for myself, so won't...
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    Pension Bee

    This keeps coming up as an add on some online games I play. Says something about consolidating all your pensions into one pot and then you can add further contributions. Looks like it as an app too which you can track everything. Anyone got any experience of it?
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    2 Up Question

    I am thinking about moving onto 2 up offers. However, want to clarify something. For example on Paddy, if my team goes 2-0 - Paddy are meant to automatically pay out or do I have to claim it somehow? I assume I have to basically watch the entire match and then continually check my balance...
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    Survey Savvy Connect

    Has anyone got this software on their devices?
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    Product testing

    I have heard of people being given products to test such as Bose headphones and then they complete a review and then they get to keep the product. Does anyone have any experience of this?
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    Union Jack freebies

    Has anyone had any dealings with Union Jack freebies, just wondered if they were legit.
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    Saw an article on the BBC about this app. You are supposed to earn rewards for caputing certain brands. I downloaded it form app store, but not able to see many rewards other than just caps and cups. Anyone else tried it?
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    Green deal energy loan

    Anyone ever had one of these? Apparently you have an assessment and then get a loan for what you need such as new boiler, double glazing etc and then you pay the loan back through your electricity bill but the repayment are not supposed to exceeed the savings on your bill. Just wondered if...
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    Publishing books on Amazon

    Ok, so part of the same Amazon programme featured some people who had wrote books and self published them on Amazon and they subsequenly managed to get a publishing deal, I assume through the sale they made. Thinking about it this is someone anyone could do as the books can be about anything...
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    Selling used books on Amazon

    I see many shops on Amazon selling books for a few pence and wonder how on earth they make money. It doesn't look as though they even make any money from the postage. However, there was a programme on TV last year about Amazon and a company called Awsome books appeared to be thirving and had...
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    Anyone a member. What is the best way to earn points?
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    Unique Rewards

    Is anyone a member of these? I am currently on £10.35. It's similar to inbox pounds where you get paid emails, offers, videos etc. Just wondered if they pay out.
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    I have been using OnePulse for a while which I downloaded from the apple app store for free. I am not sure if it is available on Android or not. Basically you get some pulesvarious subjects which are 3 questions long and take less than a minute to complete. You earn badges which in turn lead...
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    On Device Research

    I joined this and started receiving projects where I would spot posters for a week and check in around 4 times and answer a few set questions. It was working out around £5 per month as well as additional chances to win larger prizes. However, I failed to qualify for a couple of projects and it...
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    Online panels

    Is anyone a member of any store or brand panels such as Co-Op, phones4U, Asda or 02? I have been invited to a couple and they can pay ok and some offer prize incentives. However I understand there are more, but wondered if anyone knew where to get invited for these?