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  1. Frugalgal

    HyperJar - free kids prepaid debit card

    Just come across Hyper Jar - a free pre paid debit card. As a parent of a teenager, I have been under pressure to give my son a pre paid cash card which many of his mates already have. One of the main reasons is that I want him to learn about spending money and using cash will hopefully help...
  2. Frugalgal

    Matched Betting Discussion How to save on paying for an Odds Matcher

    Just wanted to share my "Win" today. Others have probably already sussed this out, but I am feeling chipper about this......... After using up my free membership trials and my annual membership of Odds Monkey, I had thought that my matched betting days were over and I was resigned to just...
  3. Frugalgal

    Bitcoin / Crypto Veono Technologies - Earn insane interest on both fiat and crypto

    I have come across this great website called Veono Technologies which allows you to earn insane interest on both Fiat and Crypto currencies. I am in the process of transferring as much crypto across as possible, and maybe my cash savings too. Start earning up to 24.17% monthly in two simple...
  4. Frugalgal

    Save with Ao online orders

    Just ordered my second appliances from I ordered online, and declined for them to take my old appliance away like I did a year ago with a different appliance as they would have charged me £20. Then when they rang me back to confirm the order, they informed me that I could have the old...
  5. Frugalgal

    Anyone bought Amazon Pallets of unwanted goods and re-sold items?

    Hi, Having seen on the news recently about the shocking amount of products and items that are going to land fill by Amazon after people have either returned the items or the seller has decided not to pay for return of stock, I am interested in knowing from people if anyone has ever bought a...
  6. Frugalgal

    Blue Light worker savings

    To anyone who works in the "Blue Light Sector"... NHS and emergency services there is this website I have just registered with called Blue Light Tickets. On this site you can enter your details to then be put in a ballot for free tickets to various entertainments and events. I have entered...
  7. Frugalgal

    Moonpig Free Greetings Cards

    Just thought I'd share my experience with Moonpig Cards...and why I think they are fab. I have used this company for 2 or more years now and just love them. Not only is the card selection great, and so is their service....I have saved so much on buying cards and it has been great to give cards...
  8. Frugalgal

    Matched Betting Discussion Wish I had known this a year ago.....Topcashback on Bookies

    I first got into matched betting a year or so ago. At the time, I don't think there were as many deals on Topcashback for registering as a new member with many bookie sites, but have just looked today, and WOW!!!...dunno if they have been recently adding new deals onto their site but there...
  9. Frugalgal

    Other Referrals Wish - Free £4

    Sign up to Wish online discount shopping site with my referral code and earn £4. cpkrdftg Thanks for reading
  10. Frugalgal

    Other Referrals Gtech code - triple money deal, including for 20% off products this month

    If you are considering buying a Gtech product this month, I have just saved myself £60 by using their deal code of June20 to get 20% off full price. I have also bought via Topcashback site where I should also receive 4.25% cashback. If you want to use my referral code, you will also receive...
  11. Frugalgal

    Matched Betting Specific Offer Question / Info Party Poker - Daily Free Spin

    Check out Party Poker daily free spin, under Offers now during Euros tournament. Just came across this promotion last week, which appears to give out decent free bets just for logging in and spinning the wheel. In 2 days I have managed to win a free £5 bet, and today a free £2 bet.
  12. Frugalgal

    Bitcoin / Crypto Free 100 Morph tokens

    Hi, Want to get into the crazy lucrative world of Crytocurrency without having to risk any money? Sign up to Morpher Broker site using my referral, and receive free 100 Morph which you can then buy other crypto with it. Since crypto is getting very exciting at the moment I just bought some...
  13. Frugalgal

    Help with Morpher anyone?

  14. Frugalgal

    Shares / Stocks New Bux Zero App

    Hi, I have registered to be among the first 100,000 users to be able to set up an account and be in the chance of getting a free share! This is another one of those free trading apps. Basically if you sign up using my referral link you will then qualify for the offer. Once you have signed up...
  15. Frugalgal

    Matched Betting Discussion How do you earn big?

    I have been matched betting since June last year, and so far have earnt about £1460. I have not yet done much casino matched betting. I was wondering if it is this where the big money is to be made rather than sports betting? I have read about people making £1000's in a month, but I can't...
  16. Frugalgal

    Bitcoin / Crypto Bee Network Cryptocurrency - No deposit required

    Join our team to make more possible cryptocurrency. To those already read up on this, this crypto enterprise is supposed to be like Pi. So, I signed up to this new crytocurrency app using another members link and then referred a mate, so we now have a team of 3. If the more of you join our...
  17. Frugalgal

    Other Referrals Wish - discount online shopping site

    In this age of online shopping, I recently signed up for this Shopping website called Wish...their website does seem to have some amazing offers and discounts and I have purchased successfully from them. You will end up bombarded with emails so make sure you sign up with a separate...
  18. Frugalgal

    Giff Gaff free Sim and free £5 credit

    Hi, I have recently set up my son his new free sim phone, and ordered a free Giff Gaff sim card just to get him going before I transfer him onto my Tesco mobile rolling contract. I was able to set him up with a £6 monthly bundle. After activating his sim card, I then have received an email...
  19. Frugalgal

    Sun Saver Free Fiver codes anyone?

    Anyone got any of these codes they would like to share?? Would be really grateful.
  20. Frugalgal

    Foresters Financial and great members benefits

    Hi, I'd like to share with you one of the best financial investments I have ever made. Check out Foresters Financial who are a Mutual Savings Society. Not to be confused with Forester Friendly Society. Historically they are both linked, but now are separate. I was introduced to them a few...