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  1. dolphintale

    Other Earning Opportunity zipzero

    ok so an update, I checked my direct debit outgoings and none of them have sort codes and account numbers, so at that point I am ready to throw the towel in, as it is impossible to get utilities bank numbers...but I kept going and found one for my water company, so I email zip zero and the reply...
  2. dolphintale

    Other Earning Opportunity zipzero

    ok, thanks jon, at work at moment so no access to online banking, but will certainly have a look and let you know.
  3. dolphintale

    Other Earning Opportunity zipzero

    that could be possible, ill have a look at that. I have emailed the council for their banking number as well and in the process of trying to do the same with other companies, hopefully they will be obliged to let me have them.
  4. dolphintale

    Other Earning Opportunity zipzero

    I have come across this great app called zip zero, which works by scanning your receipts and you get 1% back, towards bills. so I got to £5 and thought I would give it a try, so I chose the council tax as my first payee, but I cannot find anywhere on the council tax form other than my account...
  5. dolphintale

    Smartphone Apps Receipt Hog

    Thanks, sure will try these out.
  6. dolphintale

    Smartphone Apps Receipt Hog

    Just found an app called receipt hog, looked into it a bit, seems it won’t make you a millionaire, but easy enough to do just take a photo of your shopping receipt they’ll give you coins, which takes you to the next level every time you photograph your receipt, not sure yet how this converts...
  7. dolphintale

    The negative side of being Frugal

    For me being frugal, some people regard as being tight, I avoid any work collections such as retirements, special birthdays and pregnancy, today for example my work is supporting a charity and were selling cakes, managed to avoid paying for a slice, hard work dodging it all day but somehow managed.
  8. dolphintale

    17 year old dress

    Ooo no never wearing a shell suit ever again.
  9. dolphintale

    TMS - The New Site

    Me too, site is so much more user friendly, great job.
  10. dolphintale

    17 year old dress

    I went to a christening on Sunday and could not afford a new outfit, so I had a rummage around in the attic and found an old bag of clothes and a lovely dress I had forgotten about, so i spruced it up a bit and amazingly in still fitted. A bit nervous on wearing it but by then it was too late to...
  11. dolphintale

    Clear out the clutter and claw in the cash

    Just posted about de cluttering as having a new kitchen, very reluctant to use eBay at the moment, I had a bad experience last year with an item I sent, I was informed by the buyer that the item was damaged, so I asked them to return it, and found the item had been deliberately sabotaged. So I...
  12. dolphintale

    New kitchen

    On having a new kitchen installed and de cluttering, it's come to light on how much money we wasted on gadgets such as bread machines, juicers, blenders, to which none are being used and put to the back of a cupboard, I even found a brand new pressure cooker, so when a new gadget comes on the...
  13. dolphintale


    not done the receipt thing at tesco, as i am sure the customer service advisor would know its not my receipt. however supermarket car parks are a good source of income to find loose change, managed to find a couple of quid in one the other week in three parts of the car park, usually find a few...
  14. dolphintale

    loyalty cards

    whilst working with a new employee, we got to talk about money, and she has just moved into a flat opposite tesco, so i said i suppose your clubcard will be of good to use to you then, she looked at me as if i had spoken in chinese, and asked me what a clubcard was..with mouth wide, i picked up...
  15. dolphintale

    eastenders omnibus

    just discovered that bbc 1 has axed the omnibus of eastenders, due to the way we watch tv now, such as on demand and repeats, and any other way we get to watch programmes, not very happy about this as i always record the omnibus as my weekday planner is usually full up as working late shift i...
  16. dolphintale

    Never Spend a £2 Coin Again

    i have a big big jar and i only save 5'ps, i know its not much and may seem ridiculous even to bother with, but surprisingly the jar is quite full and very heavy so i think there maybe a good couple of hundred pound in there, my husband keeps asking me what are we saving them, for a rainy day i...
  17. dolphintale

    monday blues plus holiday blues

    if its not bad enough having the monday blues, i got the holiday one as well, just had an amazing two weeks on the west coast of the usa, taking in alcatraz,golden gate bridge, las vegas, grand canyon, and los angeles the hollywood sign and walk of fame, had a fantastic time, but all spent out...
  18. dolphintale

    Sky mini box

    They have been out for ages now, it's to compliment your sky box, unless you are a new customer and you get this already built in to your box, it's just so you can go onto box sets and itv catch up and on demand movies, a really useful gadjet is your a tv buff like me. And yes the box is...
  19. dolphintale

    Sky mini box

    My sky mini box, the one you use for catch up to, decided it would not work, so after reading the sky forum to correct the problem and re-booting the sky and router several times, I had to finally give in and call sky, A download had not been received so therefore the mini box and router had...
  20. dolphintale

    What have you posted today?

    I have not been on here for such a long time, just had a hectic few months and no spare time, work just seem to take it all up, then it's the weekend chores, and before I know Monday has come around again, Try to get my act together and be a bit more active in the future. Thanks for giving me a...