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    Bought chicken that glows in the dark

    So. I won't mention the store I bought it from, but after reading about it I'm not sure if I should be worried? I often buy raw chicken drumsticks to feed the cats. I figure like nature they can clean their teeth on the bones. So I turned the light off last night and thought WTF?! Yup glowing...
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    PayPal business account for eBay?

    Hi can anyone tell me if it's worth having a PayPal business account rather than a personal for selling on eBay? I'm not going to be selling a huge amount of gear, but would love your opinions. Thanks Nay
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    Question / Discussion Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) question

    Hi can anyone tell me if your allowed to sell new clothes on Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant)? I'm avoiding FBA for the moment. I have a bunch of new clothes and the invoices if needed? Any guides/videos are also welcome. Also - love to know anyone's experience with FBM in general and Vs...
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    Question / Discussion Unusual ways to make money online?

    Hi. Does anyone know the best way to find the more unusual ways/less talked about to make money online? I love reading about the less common ways in addition to the obvious ones. For example I found one about growing plants for profit - maybe not for me- but really interesting! I was...
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    Poundland items on eBay?

    So I've seen a few of these vids on YouTube and heard about Jon doing it in the past (Hi Jon) Would you say this is still a good idea/worth it? If so any idea of what kind of things to sell? Thanks Nate
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    Question / Discussion UK Wholesale eBay Course?

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a good reliable UK eBay Wholesale course or info? (Not Dropshipping - will prob try that later) I'm thinking of sticking to the UK for sourcing just for ease and quick delivery. Thanks
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    Question / Discussion Trading allowance

    Hi can anyone clarify - Can you earn the £1000 Trading allowance in addition to regular earnings from a standard 9-5 job without declaring? Thanks Nay
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    Independent opticians.

    Hi guys. Wondering - Can you get just an eye test only (with prescription) from Independent opticians? Wanna save a few bucks from the mark up they do on the glasses. Thanks Nate
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    Question / Discussion Tax tax tax!

    Hi guys. So I've been wondering about the Capital Gains tax for personal possessions. 1. As I understand it you can sell under £6000 for 'certain' personal items without filling out any forms/informing ? Is this correct? 2. Is this in addition to the £1000 trading allowance? I wanted to sell...
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    Question / Discussion Freelance request - Is this racist? (Any chance of a quick answer please?)

    Hi. Been given a script to read and I'm not sure if it's racist? Sorry if it's in the wrong section. I have a short deadline. Here is the script: "After the siege of Detroit, two brave knights, Lord Geronimo the third and Smart Fellow come together to vanquish the foul demons of the BLM...
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    Question / Discussion Amazon - Merchant fulfilled experience?

    Hey. Anyone have experience with selling merchant fulfilled bits and bobs/liquidation stock etc? Just wondering how it generally compares to eBay with costs. Thanks
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    Question / Discussion eBay Dropshipping

    Hi guys. Can anyone recommend any trusted sources/courses for eBay Dropshipping? Thanks Nate
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    Question / Discussion Help with eBay/UTR number please.

    Hi folks. So I filled in an HMRC online form to try to get a UTR number. Not sure if I've filled the right one? I received a letter with a code for self assessment, and assumed I'd filled the wrong thing in. Then a day later I received a letter - 'We have set up a Self Assessment record for...
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    UTR Number needed for Liquidation- HMRC/Ebay

    Hi folks. Could anyone help? I have sold a couple of household items on eBay before. Now I want to try it part/full time. Sole Trader I believe?! I need a UTR Number to buy stock from a site. Does anyone know the process for HMRC/eBay given the above info. Just seems a little confusing. Would...
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    Question / Discussion PayPal - Dwp and Universal Credit.

    Hi, so making ends meet with a zero hours job/Universal Credit I have sold my household stuff on eBay. All under £1000 for the year. Just a couple of quick questions: 1. Do you have to inform the DWP of earnings under £1000? 2. Do you have to inform DWP of a PayPal account for under £1000? I...
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    Question / Discussion Ebay business account. HMRC and PayPal.

    Hi. Considering eBay with a business bank account. Couple of quick questions: 1. What is required when you open a business bank account and do most of you get a separate PayPal for this? 2. What do HMRC need. What is the process with them? 3. £1000 trading allowance - Does this include...
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    Question / Discussion Thoughts on the - Make $ on YouTube without showing your face?

    Hello again people. Just wanted to get your thoughts on the above title. Obviously a lot of people are selling the idea of it to make make money (Buy my course/affiliate link etc) Yet the actual doing of it yourself seems feasible. I wonder what it takes for a new channel from scratch? It seems...
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    Question / Discussion Ebay - any quick low profits?

    Hi. Not after a fortune but are there any quick profits say £50 a week? Sold most of the stuff around my house. Wondering about Poundland/pound shops? Don't have a car and Corona going on halts things. A consistent income would be great even at this low aim. Any good resources/sites/info for...
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    Question / Discussion Anyone making money from Youtube?

    Hey guys, So.... anyone making money from YouTube? Care to share how much? I'm in the process of trying to upload videos in various niches from the idea where people have said you can "Make money on Youtube without showing your face". Using Creative Commons pics, vids but with my voice over...
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    Question / Discussion Static picture instead of video on YouTube?

    Hi folks. Is it possible to use a single static (non changing) picture instead of a video on YouTube? I've been having to stretch the picture time frame along with audio in software. Is that the only way? Thanks Nate