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  1. mabozza

    Simply Tasks (New Task App)

    Just found a new (to the UK) Task app called "Simply Tasks" .. I gather it is the app for MS company International Service Check. Only task i can see anywhere near me is in a Currys PC World checking out Nespresso machines for a fiver. Once you have earned £10 you can put in your Paypal id for...
  2. mabozza

    End of the line for me

    Funny how the simplest things can bring chaos!!.. Heading out to work last monday, stepped off pavement but ended up having a fall, sharp pain above my ankle, had thought i had sprained something and could walk it off... went into van ..foot on clutch and pressed clutch down...pedal never budged...
  3. mabozza

    Worth doing the wager X get 5 spins

    I always do the wager X get X free spins, most times i end up a wee bit up on wagering and either a quid or 2 or nothing from the free spins... but this has been yesterday and today... both on 20p free spins... and obviously on a winning run as decided to wager last £9.50 i had in Paddy as not...
  4. mabozza

    Acca Question

    Hi guys Have an Acca running just now 4 fold, one of the games (Feyenoord v Venlo)was abandoned in the 2nd minute... all others are won/winning.. what happens in that situation? (It wasnt laid... advantage play)
  5. mabozza


    Hi all A new task app just started up in UK called Easyshift works on Android and Ios similar to all other task apps.. Currently has jobs all over the UK taking pics of beer in Tesco.. Haven't done one yet as am in Turkey just now but folk I know been doing them all day with good reports...
  6. mabozza


    Hi guys.. can't reply in original thread but it appears they may be coming good on the offer.. i got an email today to choose my prize.. now done ..although no money has gone in account yet but it says i have paid to.. is that you @bobcat check your emails guys
  7. mabozza

    GDPR and Task Apps

    Hi guys.. there is some new thing coming in about data protection which i thought was something for big companies to worry about, then read the brief on an upcoming job on Roamler which states that we must get no people in the pictures required for the task due to a new thing called GDPR...
  8. mabozza

    Some snow pics!

    I am totally trapped at home with the snow.. thought i would share some pics of the fun up here... This is my wee van literally 5 mins after i managed to get it up the street last night
  9. mabozza

    Any other musos on TMS?

    Just wondered if we could put together the TMS supergroup lol Anyone else on here a gigging musician? . I am a drummer in a Foo Fighters trib.. a Pink Floyd trib and dep (stand in) with lots of bands. I have tried to cut down on the amount of gigs i do.. but have 9 in the next 5 weekends...
  10. mabozza

    Banned from the green site in 3 posts!! A record?

    Had joined the green site forum yesterday and posted a question about credit card transfers, had a couple of replies, thanked both, then on logging in just now i get the massage you have been banned, reason : not specified, when will ban be lifted: Never!!:eek: Guess they don't like users to post questions...
  11. mabozza

    Balance transfer cards

    Hi guys Looking for a bit of advice I have done a couple of eligibility checkers for credit cards for balance transfers, got 2 or 3 giving me same 9/10 score for likelihood of acceptance. The eligibility checker has a slider with how much i want to transfer and over what period, so i want to...
  12. mabozza

    Smartphone Apps Shepper

    Just discovered Shepper which does MS among other things currently IOS only but an Android app to come.... i have just started the sign up process which involves a crb type check. If anyone is interested you can sign up at
  13. mabozza

    Wombles assemble... get paid TWICE for your receipts

    For the guys who do the receipt collecting on BeMyEye in Boots, Pets at Home and Poundland, you can now do the exact same thing on Task 360 but unlimited submissions and 30p a receipt, so in effect you get receipts in Boots submit to BME for 30p then submit same receipt to Task 360 for another 30p!
  14. mabozza

    Happy New Year Shedders

    My 2000th post!! (Am reliably informed i am now granted access to the super shedders club where many great things await me :eek: Happy and PROSPEROUS 2018 to you all. Unfortunately both me and Mrs A been hammered with the Aussie flu, so, be no hogmanay Bells for us later...bed soon. Stay safe...
  15. mabozza

    Smartphone Apps Mobeye

    Just had one of these "recommended apps" notification on FB for Mobeye.. a task app like Roamler BME T360 etc.... just downloaded it.. think they are expanding into UK..but for now i see no tasks... however... there is one which if i read correctly will make Jobspotter look like Field Agent...
  16. mabozza


    Just back from going to see a concert in Berlin, decided to use Uber for a couple of trips, It has been a while since i last used Uber... back then, you put in where you are and where your going, the app then gave you price options, and whichever you chose was the price/vehicle type you get...
  17. mabozza

    Embee Meter CX

    Just had an ad for this pop up on facebook.. anyone here using this? Only have vague info.. apparently its an app you put on your phone and earn money for doing nothing... no clicking ads... watching videos... nothing.....anyone?9
  18. mabozza

    Market Force... cheeky!

    Had to let my poor wife down just now!, checked on Eyes On app to see a perfume mystery shop and purchase near home... Her eyes light up, i read thru the notes... Go in make an enquiry and buy a perfume minimum £20 and do standard mystery shop while there.. all good? Then i check the pay...
  19. mabozza

    Red WigWam: Anyone near Portsmouth?

    Just got Email from RWW about this job,sounds like a fun weekend, just 500 miles too far a commute for me: Hello! You might have already seen the exciting news that we’re supporting a client at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth this weekend. We’re providing them with bar staff this Saturday...
  20. mabozza

    A begging request for Facebook likes

    Permission to post kindly granted by our Jon Alongside all my work and task apps/mystery shopping stuff i also blow off steam by playing drums in bands. Been playing for many years in many bands, in front of crowds ranging from literally a man and a dog, to playing in front of 40,000 in stadium...