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  1. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Help please! I’ve placed the wrong bet

    Arrrggh! I’ve accidentally laid the wrong bet on Smarkets SportPesa £25 boosted Everton and Liverpool both to Win. Have now laid correctly against yes but need to do something with my error lay (31.73 laid against no at 1.97). Can someone bail me out please? I have enough bank to bet on the...
  2. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Anyone else having access issues? Profit Accumulator

    I’m having an issue trying to log on to PA. each time I try I get a ‘this certificate is not secure’ type warning. I’ve tried accessing via a fresh link (ie not a shortcut), have Googled how to fix, gone on Keychain, cleared cache etc. I want to change my password in case I’ve been compromised...
  3. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    SportNation WhatsApp Group

    Hi Guys, If you’re on WhatsApp and want to join the SportNation Group, they send 3-4 offers through per week. One coming up tomorrow which I might give a go - FB refund up to £25 if Mo Salah fails to score.
  4. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Husband now knows :)

    When I started MBing I did so with the intention of building up a nice sum to surprise my husband with. To keep my secret, I’d been using any ‘extra’ I could squirrel away - earnings from surveys, Mystery Shopping etc. I only had a small amount and it would take a long time but hey, there was...
  5. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Sky Spin to Win

    Guys, Is it just me, or has the Daily Spin Wheel game moved/disappeared?
  6. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    First Gubbing

    My first gubbing. RaceBets have barred me from bonus offers with immediate effect. Meh! I only did the start up offer and never saw anything else worth doing. Moving on ... nothing to see here. Lol.
  7. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Anyone seen or heard?

    @MamaMidwife doesnt seem to have been on for a while. We started our journey around the same time. Hoping she’s ok.
  8. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Increased Bank meant a much busier evening

    It’s so much easier when you have a larger fund to play with. I’ve had a really busy evening and managed to pick a couple of winners for my Coral #YourCall Reload Offer. Placed first bet (£5 IP) as advantage (no lay) on Gylfi Surgurdsson to make 1+ assist and then placed my £5 IP FB on the 4th...
  9. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Unibet - Free Starburst Spins for Existing Customers

    Hi All, I was just scooting round my Accounts to see if any Bookmaker Fairies had taken pity on me and given me some Freebies Unibet appear to have had technical difficulties and have credited All as follows (seems to be regardless of balance or date of last bet). Worth a go? You never know...
  10. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Matchcatcher- anyone else having trouble?

    Just won’t load for me at the moment. Anyone else having the same issue?
  11. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Not Spending

    We all have those expenses we have to pay - bills, food, repairs etc but aside from those I'm finding the knock-on effect of consciously trying to make extra money is that I'm hardly spending anything on 'extras'! Gone are the days when I'd draw out a tenner to keep in my purse 'just in case I...
  12. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Balls Up

    It was destined to happen. I got a bit over-confident with an offer and made a loss :( I placed a bet that there would be more than 28.5 goals scored in Championship matches on 12th (if I lost, I get a free bet) I laid the closest thing I could find which was against 28 being scored (naively...
  13. PlateSpinningFrenzy


    Hi Guys, Does anyone know which survey site pays out under 'MANGOPAY' please? I've just had funds land in my account and want to accurately attribute it to the correct company. Thanks in advance.
  14. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Oddsmonkey v Profit Accumulator - whose tools are best?

    I'm coming to the end of my first month using PA and need to decide whether to go for another month. I've been perfectly happy with them thus far - though still working through sign ups and not ventured far from that path yet. I primarily opted for PA because of the video tutorials however...
  15. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Potential stupid question alert!

    I think I know the answer to this (as my free Bet has been granted) but, just double checking ... Working through the sign-ups on PA and have placed my £50 qualifier with Ladbrokes. My £50 free Bet has been credited So I'm going to go ahead and use it. However, does my qualifying Bet need to...
  16. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Carling Tap - They Score, You Score

    Hi Everyone Does anyone else have this App? Available for iPhone via the Apple Store and Android via Google Play. Completely free. If you drink the lager, there's another game where you scan the can (works from a Google image too - but I didn't tell you that ). If that doesn't appeal, you can...
  17. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    ComeOn! Not showing any choices on Oddsmatcher?

    I wanted to use my £10 free Bet (when it finally appears) but notice that ComeOn! Don't seem to have anything available on the Oddsmatcher. How do I get around that please?
  18. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Sky Bet App - where to change the odds to decimal?

    Hi, I've looked everywhere but cannot see where to change settings to decimal. Can anyone help please?
  19. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    HELP PLEASE - Bets reduced - What to do?

    Could someone please help me? One of my (previously matched) £10 free bets with William Hill has been 'reduced' at Smarkets. I've attached screen shots. What (if anything) do I need to do?
  20. PlateSpinningFrenzy

    Smarkets 2% charge when paying by Debit Card - should I use Skrill?

    So, I've progressed to the Smarkets sign-Up Offer (and also going to use them as Exchange). I'm ready to make a deposit but they'll charge 2% for Debit Card deposits. Should I sign up to Skrill and deposit via them? There's a Bank Transfer option but not sure whether there's a fee (as it's...