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  1. Phoenix

    I am back

    Differs with each item. So a bar of chocolate can give me 78p, a jam will give me £1.40. People are asking for gift baskets and mini hampers. In January I will start a monthly subscription service whereby people pay a monthly subscription for a box of Yorkshire goodies.
  2. Phoenix

    I am back

    Just from my Facebook group at the moment, I am also launching an e-commerce website on Friday
  3. Phoenix

    I am back

    Sadly Phoenix Trading closed, the Directors got the business into debt by bad choices and bad decisions. I do still sell cards but only now and again. I am excited about my Yorkshire foodie biz, I ordered 24 Apricot and Passionfruit Jams from the supplier, I sold them all before they arrived!
  4. Phoenix

    Mission: To make £535 a month for the next 3 months

    Good luck. I am sure you will smash it,
  5. Phoenix

    Oddsmatching and William Hill..?

    Hi, I joined Stratsol Match Betting in July. Earned over £1000 so far. Don’t actually do any betting but they do pay out for referring others
  6. Phoenix

    I am back

    So pleased to be back on this site again and what a fantastic surprise, the site looks amazing and very professional. I have been busy preparing the launch of my own business, creating a platform to showcase food products produced in Yorkshire. Looking forward to have a good look around the...
  7. Phoenix

    Well this woman didn't earn £350,000 a year doing Forever Living!

    Such a sad article, feel so sorry for that lady. I have heard similar stories from other non British MLM companies, I tend to keep away from non British MLM opportunities, they all tend to put so much pressure on recruitment, where as British Opportunities are more laid back and put more...
  8. Phoenix

    Can you help with businesses I need to contact

    Hi everyone, For those that don't know,I am a Phoenix Trader, I sell stationery including greeting cards. Head Office have announced plans to print Charity Christmas cards for businesses with the business logo on the cards and raise money for the businesses favourite charity. I wonder if anyone...
  9. Phoenix

    Phoenix, Juice+, Ann Summers, Bluebella and the rest - What's the downside?

    I have purchased products from Wikaniko, really good and better for the planet. Having a fab month with my Phoenix Trading business. Over £400 orders so far and two new team members!
  10. Phoenix

    Online party successes

    Received over £400 so far this month Orders coming in from local customers via a brochures, orders by mail, e-mail, on my website, on my Facebook business page and Facebook messenger.
  11. Phoenix

    Chocolates for Chocoholics

    I will ordering some chocolates next week. :) ;D ;D
  12. Phoenix

    Chocolates for Chocoholics

    Those chocolates do look very good. Very yummy.
  13. Phoenix

    Online party successes

    I always use mine to help raise money for the charity I support, Chart UK Children's Hospice Arts. Donating 10% of any orders. I co-hosting the event with two other people. The ladies that run the charity invited their family and friends too. My next one I am co-hosting with three others...
  14. Phoenix

    Chocolates for Chocoholics

    Is it raw chocolate, a healthy chocolate? Today people are keen to cut back on sweet stuff. There was a Canadian company that produced healthy chocolates, not sure if they are still trading?
  15. Phoenix

    Online party successes

    I hosted an online party at the end of September and took £400 orders. I have hosted online parties before and have one booked for the end of this month. Has anyone else hosted online parties? How did it go?
  16. Phoenix

    RECRUITING FOR NEW TEAM MEMBERS (ads only, no discussion)

    Forgot to add, as a Phoenix Trader we can invite British people living abroad to sell Phoenix products. They can sign up to become International Customers. Free to join, they can order stationery to sell at a good discount and free to sell on to family and friends and make profit. :)
  17. Phoenix

    Online financial adviser?

    My partner, Andrew Frazer is a Financial Consultant.
  18. Phoenix

    Independent Usborne Organiser

    Congratulations on choosing Usborne Books, they are lovely. I have done two online parties with Usborne Books Organisers. It was good fun. :)
  19. Phoenix

    RECRUITING FOR NEW TEAM MEMBERS (ads only, no discussion)

    Phoenix Trader looking for people to join my team I am so happy with my Phoenix Trading stationery business. When I joined six years ago, it was very different. Today there are more stationery products and improved payment plan. I am now looking for a few people who share my passion for...