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    Bitcoin / Crypto Lightyear Referral Offers

    MAY10 isn't working
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Bottlepay: Free £5 for depositing £10 (Quick withdrawal to bank)

    I did this one too using delboys code. If someone can use mine that would be great. I've been using Bottlepay, it's easily the best Bitcoin app out there. Give it a try using my code IL8IDQEDL6 and we'll both get £5. IL8IDQEDL6
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    Shares / Stocks Free share upto $600- FREEDOM24

    This doesn't work in the UK
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    Shares / Stocks Get £15 for £5 Deposit with Circa5000

    I used Thdss' code. It's exactly as they described. Please use my code: Hey! Want to invest in your future and the future of the planet? Use my link to get £15 when you sign up to CIRCA5000.
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    Shares / Stocks Wealthyhood Referral Offers

    I just signed up and first investment processing. Here's my link too.
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    Banking Chase Referral Offers

    Invite please!
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    Banking Co-operative Bank: Current Account £50 Refer A Friend

    I would like to be referred by someone please.