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    Question / Discussion The Money Blog UK Facebook Group

    Hi! I have created a Facebook group for The Money Blog UK to go alongside the website if anyone is interested in joining and posting new ways to earn money / save money etc
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    Other Earning Opportunity NEW: Jam Doughnut Cashback App

    Jam Doughnut is one of the latest cashback apps to offer good cashback rates at 100's of retailers, both online and on the high street. How is Jam Doughnut different to others? Unlike TopCashback & Quidco, Jam Doughnut gives you cashback on prepay codes which you purchase within the Jam...
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    Other Earning Opportunity Earn Money Selling On Vinted! - Keep 100% Of Your Sale!

    Hi! If you haven't yet used or signed up to Vinted then you should give it a try! Although you get less chance of selling for high money compared to eBay etc Vinted allows you to keep 100% of your sales and is very easy to list and sell! Sign up and get making some extra cash selling your...
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    Broadband Help

    I’m currently in process of moving homes, the area I’m in doesn’t yet have Fibre or Ultra Fast broadband. I’ve decided to go with Sky for TV & Broadband but after testing the broadband the signal is shocking (can’t reach to first floor from ground floor) I’ve been looking into the MiFi/WiFi...
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    Bother: Online 'Supermarket' Get £25 Off a £50 Order + Up To 33.2% Cashback!

    Hello, I've recently used to place my order for household essentials! I've wrote a post on how to get £25 off your first order + earn up to 33.2% cashback! Which is a HUGE saving!! Find out more below:
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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion Blog/Website Feedback

    Hello, I have just fully refreshed my site and would appreciate any feedback from anyone. Thank you!
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    GIVEAWAY: Win an Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3

    To promote my new website/blog I've just done a January giveaway over on my twitter page if anyone would like to take part feel free to do so! *Ends 31st Jan 2022
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    Get 10% off your weekly shop by signing up to Poundshop!

    Poundshop is an online store which has 1000s of items at extremely low prices! Take a read of our new post on The Money Blog UK and sign up through our link to save yourself 10% off your next shop.
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    Sign Up Offers Twig: Review & Sign Up Bonus!

    Hi! I've been testing Twig lately and seeing if it is worth it and what it is etc. Check out my review of Twig here; If you sign up (Sign up bonus link on my website) you will get £5 for...
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    Question / Discussion WANTED: Someone who is actually good at creating a logo :)

    I'm looking for someone with the skill to create a good logo for my new website The Money Blog UK - if you're interested please get in touch and we can work a price out :)
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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion Just started my own blog

    Hi, I have just purchased a domain and created a simple blog with blogger called The Money Blog UK, if anyone could take a look and let me know what you think? I will be adding more content in the coming days. Thank you.
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    Other Referrals Uber/Deliveroo/Just EAT Delivery Insurance: FREE £10

    It's coming up to the busiest time of the year and if you're wanting to earn some extra cash I would highly recommend getting on with the self-employed delivery companies which you can choose to deliver in your own time and earn that extra cash! However, to deliver you will need Delivery...
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    Smartphone Apps UPDATED LIST: Receipt Scanning Apps - Earn Money From Your Phone

    I have decided to make a quick list of ALL Apps that I am currently using to scan my receipts in and earn some cash back from my everyday shopping. 1. Shoppix - My go to app for receipt scanning! 2. Zip Zero - Please note, Zip Zero seem to be in some kind of financial trouble at the moment and...
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    Does anybody have any Pingit Invites?

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who has a Pingit invite please. Thank you.
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    Other Referrals PENFOLD Private Pension Referral Offers

    If you are looking for a private pension to begin saving/putting away money for early retirement then I highly recommend Penfold, plus if you use my referral code down below, you will get £25 FREE + £5 Tax bonus from the government, every £25 you save thereafter also will get a £5 Government...
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    Music Magpie! Get £5 FREE + 10% More On Your Total Order - Using My Referral Link

    Hi, If you are having a clear out of any old DVD's, CD's, Games, Phones, Laptops or Lego as well as many more electronics then you can get 10% more of the value by using my referral link and sending them into Music Magpie plus, not only do you get 10% more on your order value, you also get £5...
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    Seasonal Sales...

    If anybody does eBay or Amazon FBA be aware that supermarkets such as Asda & George, Morrisons and Tesco's are starting to do seasonal reductions on their products... Just been to my local Morrision's Supermarket and purchased a few items that had been reduced, some top brands too! I got a...
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    Recommended Savings Accounts / Apps?...

    Hi, I'm wondering whats the best way to save money? Can anyone recommend a good company to open up a savings account with, possibly with high interest? Thank you!
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    Cashback App - Shoppix!

    Hi, There is a new app on the app store called Shoppix, like Receipt Hog and Shopimum it rewards you for scanning in your receipts the difference with Shoppix is that it is a lot easier and quicker to get money back - I have been using it for about 2 or so months and have already got £20 back...
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    Fivestar OMS - Paid to Review Products + FREE PRODUCTS

    Hi! There is a new website called Fivestar OMS that is working it's way into the UK, the website is looking for product reviewers and testers in which you are sent products for free and get to keep them in return for a simple review, the better the review the more you earn! On occasions you...