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    Blue Peter badge gives FREE entry to 200+ UK attractions

    As a mum of 3 kids days out can add up. My kids recently applied to get Blue Peter badges, they can do this by submitting art, poetryor writing about important issues plus much more. Mine had got involved in local litter picking and were in the local paper, so got given the Green Blue Peter...
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    Boom 25 Earnings Guide

    I just wanted to make sure you are ALL using the BOOM25 app for as many purchases as you can. I WON MY WHOLE FIRST CHOICE HOLIDAY MONEY BACK! £869. The money arrived in my PayPal today. Wahoo. I only joined in June and have had 4 wins so far totalling £913.50! How does the app work? 1) Use...
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    Kids Pass Affiliate- Earn vouchers

    My family got a years free kids pass last summer when the Kids Pass card was first launched and have saved hundreds of pounds. I have now become an affiliate and get vouchers for new referrals, so I have just posted on facebook. Not sure if I'll earn anything but it's worth a try. You can all...
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    New tasks are being released next week. They are helping '' to map out locations that are wheelchair friendly.
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    Experienced audio typist for Tern

    I had an email from Tern, a mystery shopping company I work for, advertising for an experienced audio typist position working from home. Email: to express an interest.
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    The Body Shop at Home Consultant

    I went to a Body Shop party on Saturday at my friends house and got talking to the consultant about how profitable it was for her. I was surprised to find out that she made £50+ from each party, which takes about 2-3 hours. There are also lots of other freebie for the consultant depending on how...
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    Free postcode lottery:home working job

    Hi everyone, I saw this job by chance advertised on my Facebook page. I know nothing about the company, but I think it's worth a try for someone on here. 4-7 hours a week. Answering emails. Good luck.
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    The viewers: get paid to watch TV

    Hi everyone, I've come across a site that runs focus groups and other projects relating to TV. I've signed up after seeing it advertised on my MoneyWise email. I've only just signed up, so can't give any more feedback I'm afraid. Sign up at: I'll get a bonus if you put...
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    Next sale

    My alarm is set for 6am, I'm off to do my seasonal hit of the Next sale tomorrow morning. It's a great way to keep your kids looking great, whilst not spending too much :-\ Although my 8 year old has given me strict instructions to only buy him red, black and grey..... Nearing the goth/Rock...
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    Freelance work via Odesk advice please.

    Following the recent Google work I did on Odesk, and completing my profile, I've had a offer of interview for a medical company. I work in the NHS normally, and they are looking for help with recruitment of nursing staff by phoning them. So far so good. However, when I filled to desk profile...
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    Receet App

    Receet is a relatively new app that allows you to photograph shopping receipts in order to get points. As usual points give prizes..... Well vouchers at least. It's not just supermarket receipts either, I have photographed play centre receipts, pub receipts and petrol station receipts!! In...
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    Smartphone Apps Earn more from Voxpopme

    Hi, I've been producing videos for Voxpopme for a few months now and have earnt a reasonable amount from them, as well as enjoying myself. Yesterday I got invited by them to become a video reviewer to rate other users videos, and accept or decline them. Having googled it, it seems that only...
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    Video games tester

    I get a lot of spam email following a period of entering competitions. I've had one through that states that there are distance learning courses to become a games tester resulting in a qualification called an accredited TIGA diploma. I'm reluctant to click on the link in the email in case it's...
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    [OT] Spare5 app

    There is a new app on the App Store called Spare5. It basically allows you to do paid tasks that only take 5 minutes or so to complete e.g tagging pictures. I downloaded this app about 6 weeks ago and so far have had no jobs at all show up in my app, so can't comment on how well it works...