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  1. Detourcake

    Banking Free Paypal Money Offers

    Yes, it is a referral
  2. Detourcake

    Banking Free Paypal Money Offers

    Hello all, If you haven't joined PayPal already, you can use this link and we’ll both get £5 when you make your first purchase. Thanks.
  3. Detourcake

    Does anyone know how to get a email address for student discount?

    oh ok, what was the name of the online university? sorry for all the questions :p
  4. Detourcake

    Does anyone know how to get a email address for student discount?

    6 month free trial with amazon prime :P and unidays.. and a few other random discount websites
  5. Detourcake

    Weekly freebies with o2

    Hello :) I just thought I'd share one of my tips with you, so basically I ordered a free sim from o2's website and ive never topped it up. I then put the sim into my phone and downloaded the 02 priority app over wifi. I can then use o2's reward system to enter competitions, get money off and...
  6. Detourcake

    Does anyone know how to get a email address for student discount?

    Hiya, Any tech heads out there know how to get a email address, hopefully for free? the hope is that i can use this email to redeem student discounts, i know its a bit of a long shot lol Thanks anyway :)
  7. Detourcake

    £10 off amazon resturaunts

    unfortunately this isnt available in my area :( so i thought id share it with you guys so at least someone can get some joy out of it. the code is: AMAZON10 for £10 off, and if for some reason that doesn't work they are advertising £8 off with the code: EATNOW this is for prime members only but...
  8. Detourcake

    GeoTask PlaceRewards App - Earn Cash from your smartphone

    ive had this app for a month now and have earned a whopping 82p... that i cant even withdraw :D
  9. Detourcake

    Surveys Best earning survey sites

    i can vouch for panelbase, ive been a bit crap lately and have missed out on 130 surveys (oops) but i have been using it since december 16 and i have withdrawn £95 all together
  10. Detourcake

    Deliveroo referral code

    Hello all Another referral code I have found to be quite useful, deliveroo is a takeaway service that delivers restaurant food to your sofa. I don't know if its just my area but they recently reduced the reward, when i first started using the app it was £10 and now it has dropped to £2.50, but...
  11. Detourcake

    Uber / UberEats

    oh no what a shame! I have used uber eats in leeds before, but saying that I was pretty close to town. You could try looking at different times of day? I found the best restaurants were open at lunchtime/early evening
  12. Detourcake

    Uber / UberEats

    Hi all :) Just thought I'd share my uber codes with the community! If you didn't know already, Uber is a taxi service and uber eats is a takeaway service. The reward depends on where you live but you have to be a first time user. When I redeemed referral codes from my friends, I recieved £10...