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  1. Blackpepper1

    Shopprize UK App

    I found this a few days ago through a leaflet I picked up in a shop so they are promoting heavily to get more users. I am impressed so far so thought it maybe of interest to people on here. Shopprize is only available as a Android app and is run by the Nielsen panel. You submit pictures of all...
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    I have an old Microphone that buzzes and so I need another cheap one I can use for WhatUsersDo etc. So just wondering if the one out of Poundland is any good? Or anywhere else that does one cheap. Don't want to get the Poundland one of it is going to buzz so just wondered whether anyone has got...
  3. Blackpepper1

    Latest Free Stuff

    Does anyone use this site to get freebies? They are mentioned on FreePostCodeLottery Site and it now has a Smartphone and Tablet App for IOS/Android Users. Just wondered if it was any good or not?
  4. Blackpepper1

    Password Manager For Android Device

    There are tons of password managers and I could do with one for my Android phone and my tablet since I do lots of logging into different sites and can never remember them all. Just wondering if anyone can recommend or uses a good free one?
  5. Blackpepper1

    Blog Pingbbacks

    Just wondering if Pingbacks are any use. Should I be accepting them even when it is my own post that causes a Pingback? Looking on the web some people seem to think them no use. Just wondering what other bloggers here do whether you use them or not?
  6. Blackpepper1

    Aldi Special Buy Medion Smartphone

    A bargain for only £79.99 available Thurs 18th Dec Aldi Special Buy MEDION Smartphone: 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor 4.5" Quad HD touchscreen (960 x 540 pixels) Android™ 4.4, KitKat® 5 MP digital camera and 2 MP front camera 8 GB internal memory 1 GB RAM 1700 mAh...
  7. Blackpepper1

    Wordpress Themes

    It is quite difficult to find a theme I actually like and does what I want it to layout wise. I notice allot of people go for the layout with just a snippet of all the posts rather that showing full posts and this is a good way for visitors to be able to get a quick look at a few of the posts...
  8. Blackpepper1

    Yoast Or All In One SEO Plugin For Wordpress?

    Just wondering which is best to use for Search Engine Optimization the Yoast Wordpress Plugin Or All In One SEO? Does it matter much? I am using All In One SEO but reading about Yoast it seems to be quite good and it has a few extras like helping with keywords etc. Just wondered what everyone...
  9. Blackpepper1

    Big Brother I Watching You!!

    Interesting. I definitely won't be using the Facebook App:
  10. Blackpepper1

    Smartphone Help

    Ok I have searched the web and looked through various online manuals of my Huawei Ascend Y300 Smartphone and I cannot find any information on what the 'Quick GPS' Setting is on my phone. I don't know if I need to have it on if I press it it says about maybe using some data. Does anyone have a...
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    Is there a way to create a Facebook Page but keep it completely separate from my personal Facebook Account? I would like to be able to use it for signing up for things where you have to connect a Facebook Account to sign up. These Apps and things usually want to access your friends and family...
  12. Blackpepper1

    Wordpress Blog Help

    Ok I use Wordpress and I want to have some of my posts showing up on a different page. How do I get any of my posts to show up on a different page rather than just on the Home Page as it is now? I don't want them all defaulted as that I just want my basic ClixSense Earning Guide Post and my...
  13. Blackpepper1

    Blog Domain Help

    I have a blog but problem is it is a which I thought at the time was the best one to have and yet I am getting allot of international visitors so think .com would be better so it covers everyone. I notice lots of people have gone for the .com. I know I would have to get Adsense approval...
  14. Blackpepper1

    What Antivirus/Anti spyware Program To Use For Androind Smartphone?

    I read somewhere that smartphones are not needing to be protected against Viruses Or Spyware as they are a different set up compared to computers. Is this true or do you need something to protect your Smartphone? If anyone uses anything which one? There are allot on Google Play but if there is a...
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    Another one to earn from completing tasks and surveys. Make sure you register on the website itself first then it works fine. The mobile app will give you tasks to complete. Android App: IPhone App...
  16. Blackpepper1

    [OT] Clic And Walk

    Anyone joined or tried this? Seems to a similar thing to Roamler different tasks to do:
  17. Blackpepper1

    My Supermarket

    Mysupermarket is a great site to check and compare prices. You can also get cash back on some items paid directly into your Paypal Account. Site Here: The Android Mobile App here...
  18. Blackpepper1

    Huawei Ascend Y300

    The Huawei Ascend y300 from £54.95 seems a good price and a good spec for a first Smartphone. I am thinking it may be worth getting so I can use Roamler App and others to earn some extra money. Pay As You Go suits me as I don't use my phone allot. Anyone got one or had one or think it is any...
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    GlobalTestMarket is a really good survey site to earn from. Plenty of surveys and I have cashed out £90 so far. Lots of redemption options cash via Paypal as well as Gift Vouchers. Great survey site if you want to get paid cash. Send me a PM with your e-mail address you want an invite sent to or...
  20. Blackpepper1

    Blackpepper1 Money Making Opportunites

    I am aiming to earn at least £500 cash by the end of the year. My current earnings total: £264.60 CS: $246.63, NB: $65.41, SB: £20, Surveys: £51.02 QM: £8.18,