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  1. asajj

    Other Earning Opportunity Do you live in Wales? People for Research Panel yw yng Nghymru?/Do you live in Wales? Rydym yn gweithio gyda Llywodraeth Cymru ar brosiect sy'n ymwneud ag addysg a gofal plant. Os ydych chi'n rhiant i blentyn rhwng 2 a 6 oed, neu'n adnabod rhiant a allai gymryd rhan, gwnewch gais. Rydym hefyd yn awyddus...
  2. asajj

    PrizeSaver - lottery style scheme

    I just seen this article about the new scheme being launched by the government. I especially would be interested in what @katykicker and premium bond holder thinks of it. Any thoughts? :)...
  3. asajj

    Free Carlsberg Pack As part of their snap pack promotion, you can get a full refund on their website when you uplaod the receipt. Fill in the details below for a full refund on your Carlsberg Danish Pilsner 6x 330ml Snap Pack. Terms & Conditions: Open to residents...
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    Smartphone Apps Airtime Rewards

    I recently discovered Airtime Rewards and redeemed £5 against my phone bill within a month. You download the app and add a debit or credit card and each time you use them on selected retailers, you will receive cashback. You can then redeem this against your phone bill. It works with all...
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    WeBuyBooks 15% extra all week

    WeBuyBooks offer extra %15 via code on their website. Read the terms and conditions, don't expect every book/dvd you have will be priced highly, be patient to receive your money. It isn't the best way of making money online but you could still get something out of it - even better with 15%...
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    Selling Unwanted/Extra Items (A Challenge)

    Hi all, I have seen this on another site and thought it would be a good one for us too. Hope that's ok to start it. Basically, we all talk about making money and sometimes decluttering. I have been selling my unwanted stuff for a while and made decent money out of over the years. It requires a...
  7. asajj

    Win yourself a good night's sleep the S+ by ResMed

    Thought i could share! Entries close at midnight on 25/05/17 and the winners will be drawn 26/05/17. The winners will be notified within 28 days of the close of entries. The draw is final and no correspondence will...
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    Footcare Product Trial £10 Amazon vouchers - females

    Recently applied and got accepted. They sent below ; Thanks, please look out for your product between Thursday 6th April and Monday 10th April.
  9. asajj

    Badger the Button

    Another one of those daily draw sites. There are a £10 cash draw every day and a £10 Amazon Voucher. - read if you want to learn how it works. I created a referral thread too :
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    Badger the Button - Daily Draw

    If anyone would like to use my referral The thread about the website is located here :
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    Royal Mail Christmas Jobs It might help somebody!
  12. asajj

    Maximiles profile questions

    Just a heads up, some sections are available for update, 25 points each. I gathered 150 points just updating my profile.
  13. asajj

    Tennis MB question

    Hi, I often see tennis offers come with warning about retirement rules. I'm unsure how to learn/check them? Does anyone bet on tennis at all?
  14. asajj

    Alba Science Product Testing

    They are looking for new people to join their testers team. Currently, there is one ongoing recruitment for Moist Toilet Tissue for 2 Weeks. · Healthy Males and Females · Ages 18-70 · Regular users of a moist toilet tissue...
  15. asajj

    Uber Referral free ride If you would like to sign up, we both get a free ride up to £10. I was very sceptical about Uber but in number of countries, I have used it and been pleased with the results. It is especially good if you are unfamiliar with a city. You need a credit...
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    For you Bloggers - StumbleUpon

    It might not be news for some of you but I thought I could share. StumbleUpon is one of my favorite sites on the internet and I can spend hours on it. I noticed I have read more blog posts on it than anywhere else and looks like a good way to drive traffic for your blog. I'm thinking to start a...
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    InstaGC Codes and Offers Thread

    I think instead of invading the referral thread, it is better to have a separate one for codes. A new code for 5 points : Nov30th2015 CYBER2015 is from yesterday and still works.
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    Find it For Less

    Whole thread about it here Referrals are available too so if anyone want to join, please send me your e-mail :) If you join, I'd earn 5% your earnings. It is very easy to use. All you do is to find deals, post them within the website and if...
  19. asajj

    Green Redeem - Earn Points for Rewards This is a different sort of website - it is focused on environment, recycling and such and you can earn points by watching videos, taking short quizzes etc. Mobile apps are also available so you can earn on the go. Rewards are less lucrative but easier to...
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    £1 off Yazoo Smoothie And looks Morrison has a deal for these and sells them for £1 - so you can get it free.