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  1. Soozehound

    Banking Everup Referral Offers

    Okay I've given it a go too RSJO1141403NPTGG if someone wants to use my referral, thanks!
  2. Soozehound

    E commerce site?

    I'm still looking into this l, my partner is a Web designer so I'm not really worried about the creation part of making a site, I think advantages are not having to pay those ridiculous ebay fees that I've seen when I've sold a few things in the past, I don't know, I'm sure this is just...
  3. Soozehound

    E commerce site?

    Has anyone had any experience/success from creating your own ecommerce site just for reselling goods as a supplier? Ecommerce site creation seems straightforward and then I guess it's just registering as a business for tax purposes and buying stock from manufacturers?
  4. Soozehound

    Get a loan to quit job

    I remember you posting on here that you'd taken the plunge, well done. Hope everything still going well for you!
  5. Soozehound

    Get a loan to quit job

    Thanks Jon, It's frustrating as I am alright with dealing with stress, outside of work I seem to have a knack for dealing with crisis' and efficiency. At work as an employee at least it almost feels impossible and worse when management gets involved, I do think it'd be better for me. But I'm...
  6. Soozehound

    Get a loan to quit job

    Has anyone ever been tempted to get a loan or if able to save, save up and quit their job for a shot at creating their own business or working for themselves? I just think it's because I'm rubbish at "work" some people can manage and I do, because I have to, but find I can't stick with jobs...
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    Yeah probably! I didn't actually think about where to sell things as I'm just at the planning stage. Any tips on engraving machines? :)
  8. Soozehound


    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well, so lately I've been racking my brains on HOW to make my own business, or at least juggle things so that I don't have to work. I know it's a dream, but I am always absoloutely miserable as an employee, recently I've been feeling really unwell from the stress...
  9. Soozehound

    Bitcoin / Crypto Get $59 worth of COMP FREE !!!

    Just done this, very easy
  10. Soozehound

    Banking American Express Referrals - ALL CARDS

    I've been working on my credit score and its so good to see it paying off though! I applied for an Amex and got approved for £4,200 straight off the bat. Not that I want to be in charge of that much tbh, but it makes a nice change from last year when I would have been straight up declined! As...
  11. Soozehound

    Banking American Express Referrals - ALL CARDS

    It's difficult to know, I think I need it spelling out like if you spend £2000 on your card that = x points which is equivalent to a flight here/hotel stay here/shopping voucher of this value. I think I'm safer with a cashback card, at least I can work out what 0.5 is! Haha Thanks for your...
  12. Soozehound

    Banking American Express Referrals - ALL CARDS

    Hi all, looking to get an Amex reward/cashback card. Could someone please help me decide which is best? I don't really want an annual fee for the card, unless the benefits well outweigh the cost! Are "points" better than cash? What's the conversion rate, and can you get any good vouchers or is...
  13. Soozehound

    Do (or Did!) you feel pressured to buy a home?

    This! My whole family have their own houses, me and my other half were living in a flat trying to "save" but a string of redundancies and the fact there always seems to be SOMETHING else has always got in the way. We've been together 7 years and we stuck in that tiny horrible flat because of...
  14. Soozehound

    Credit cards

    I've been very lucky recently to have come into some money that has enabled me to get rid of all of my longstanding debt. Super happy, and now I have 4 credit cards with 0 balance and PayPal credit etc all 0... My next step is working on the credit score tbh, so please any tips would be great...
  15. Soozehound

    Mystery Shopping Flavorwiki taste test

    I've done one before but couldn't find the link! Flavour wiki email you and you do a survey to see if you qualify for tests. This one is for milk chocolate. Previously, once selected by a short survey they email you a product that you have to go and buy yourself. You get reimbursed and paid a...
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    Other Referrals Upvoice Get paid to browse Facebook

    I downloaded this yesterday on my laptop and when I looked on Facebook on my phone later, it told me my account had been "hacked" and I had to change all my passwords. nothing had been posted from my account or anything so it was probably just noticing the tracking thing, but slightly...
  17. Soozehound

    Other Referrals £5 Milk & More Credit - cheap breakfast!!

    Doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately, any tips or should I just keep trying?
  18. Soozehound

    Other Referrals £5 Milk & More Credit - cheap breakfast!!

    Shocked, the amount of vulnerable people out there you think that milk and more would have their orders full, not wanting more! Good deal tho
  19. Soozehound

    Other Referrals 4 x Nandos meals and 2 x bottles of sauce = £7.50 (Mindful Chef Referral)

    Awesome, worked for me, although it seems that the nandos thing is only on until this weekend as when I selected Monday it was only the other meals I could select. I used your code @Beemoneysavvy :) I don't know but if anyone else wants to give it a go my code is: :)
  20. Soozehound

    Banking Nationwide Recommend A Friend - get £100 for switching your current account

    Happy to help after lockdown, but for the time being they have stopped their "recommend a friend" to keep each other safe apparently