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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion What have you posted lately?

    A post about data compliance for small businesses.
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    20 Cogs

    I have just seen that 20 cogs is closing. You only have a few weeks to get any outstanding balance.
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    Monthly Earnings Challenge The Sun is Out - kinda! Time to make some cash with the June 2022 Money Making Challenge

    I am in a hundred pounds for me. $20 writing I seem to have had a pay rise thanks to the exchange rate. 16.20/100.00
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    Am I allowed to post a charity link here?

    I volunteer for Young Lives versus Cancer, they are a great cause. I used to live Bob Woodward who started the charity many years ago. I wish you luck with your fundraising.
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    Change of Ownership

    Thank you for your hard work Jon. Thanks to the money shed I started a blog and discovered a new hobby that I can actually earn money from.
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    Other Earning Opportunity Affiliate Marketing for websites

    I use get your guide. If you write about any thing travel related they are very helpful. If you have a website, leave a link for your hosting company, etc. It is far better to have a few links for products you like and fit with your brand than dozens of random links to every thing.
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    Question / Discussion Qmee Search Thread

    I find something like engagement gifts for men, housewarming presents often works. I just got 4p on father's day gifts. I don't search especially but if I notice a reward on the sidebar I click on it. I have only earned a few pence from searches. I get more from the daily quiz question. I have...
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    Surveys [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    It looks like the same reply people are getting on trust pilot. Definitely a case of the computer says no. It is my favourite survey site.
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    Surveys [OT] YouGov

    A lot of people have been complaining recently that they have been unable to cash out with you gov. Their trust pilot reviews are terrible.
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    Surveys [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    I have earned over six hundred pounds from about 500 submissions and have only had a couple of problems. I would hate to lose it.
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    Question / Discussion Online passive income therapy ideas

    It is also worth looking to see what the best selling therapy books are on Amazon.
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    Question / Discussion Online passive income therapy ideas

    I discovered sites like Mirthy and Goldster which are aimed at older people. They seem to allow people to organise zoom sessions and be paid for them. When I used to sell books online my best seller was one on how to cut down on alcohol. (I did not write it).
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    Question / Discussion £500pm income for 6 months?

    Have you signed up to Redwigwam? They treat you as an employee but usually have a few jobs going. Obviously prolific and Y surveys are good but won't get you enough.
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    Question / Discussion Looking for Feedback and Ideas

    If you like prolific you will probably like London business school. The studies are similar but on a business theme. They also send invitations to studies at other London colleges.
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    Question / Discussion New 2021/2022 online earning methods

    I like people for research for focus groups, they are based in Bristol but do quite a lot of online stuff as well. I signed up to Angelfish opinions as well but have not done anything for them.
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    Other Referrals Give as you Live charity donations from your shopping

    Give as you live is a site that allows you to raise funds for your favourite charity as you shop online with thousands of retailers. The retailers give the site a commission for sending them customers and they pass 50% of that on a charity of your choice. The other 50% is used to run and grow...