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  1. Beemoneysavvy

    Other Referrals Minted Gold free £10

    MINTED – £10 FREE IS BACK! Minted allows you to invest in gold. Through the years, gold has maintained its value and served as a hedge against inflation. New users of Minted can also get £10 free. Use the link below to download the Minted app. Verify your details (photo ID needed). Use the...
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Bottlepay: Free £5 for depositing £10 (Quick withdrawal to bank)

    BOTTLEPAY – £5 BITCOIN FREE Bottlepay is currently running a referral promotion, offering a £5 free when you sign up and buy £10 worth of Bitcoin (you can sell & withdraw this straight away if you wish). Download the Bottlepay app Create an account and use referral code: TDHLN8VF9J Verify your...
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    Shares / Stocks Tulipshare £10 Bonus for £1 Deposit

    TULIPSHARE – £10 FREE You can earn a £10 credit by opening a Tulipshare account, topping up your wallet with £1, and observing withdrawal restrictions for 90 days. Referral link: Sign up to Tulipshare
  4. Beemoneysavvy

    Shares / Stocks Referral Offers £5 FREE with £1 deposit *changed 27th May

    SHARES APP – FREE £5 STOCK Download the Shares app and deposit at least £1 to get a free share worth £5. You’ll need a form of ID and proof of address to sign up. Referral link: Download the Shares App
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    Shares / Stocks Wealthyhood Referral Offers

    WEALTHYHOOD – FREE £5-£200 INVESTMENT Wealthyhood is a DIY wealth-building app for long-term investors (see my Weathyhood review). New Wealthyhood users can also earn a free ETF worth between £5-£200. Follow the steps below to claim yours: Set up your Wealthyhood account. Create your...
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    Website Testing Bigmo - £25 to download app & give feedback

    Get £25 to try the bigmo app and share your feedback (offer valid for the first 25 people). Bigmo is a savings app that rewards you for meeting your savings. I won a £25 lush gift card on the app this week. Download the app using the link below and onboard into the bigmo challenge for at least...
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    Banking Chase Referral Offers

    I have 20 invites left (I'll remove this comment when they're all gone). (Reminder that you'll need to top up £20 to get the free £20)
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    Gambling Freejackpot Referral Offers

    Make a free account and get an instant free £5 shopping voucher. You just need to add an email and phone number (no ID/payment details required). There are dozens of stores to choose where to redeem your free £5 from including Morrison's, Love2Shop and Pizza Express. My Referral link...
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    Other Referrals KarmaVouchers - £5 free Sainsbury’s voucher

    I recently downloaded an app called KarmaVouchers and they’ve just emailed me with a special offer of a £5 Sainsbury’s voucher for everyone who follows these steps: Download the KarmaVouchers app and sign up Fill in this form (type Emma Jackson in...
  10. Beemoneysavvy

    Banking Get £10 with Kroo! Super simple sign up get £10!

    Thanks op - just signed up! Would appreciate anyone using my referral link
  11. Beemoneysavvy

    Offer Paywall Site OMG It's time to earn money with OhMyDosh! (Free £1 for EVERYONE!)

    PointVoucher have been running an offer where you can get a £10 voucher when you pay for a premium subscription. The premium subscription usually costs £4.99 but if you sign up via OhMyDosh you'll get it for £2.99 + £4 cashback. OhMyDosh is a task/cashback website that pays you to complete...
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    Other Referrals Zilch Referral Offer (FREE £15 increased from £10)

    Would appreciate anyone using my link :) £10 Amazon Voucher on offer!
  13. Beemoneysavvy

    Other Referrals Yoppie - £30 worth of period products FREE

    Free Organic Period Products! Use the link below to get £30 free credit to spend on Yoppie. Referral code YDAGD8LE (this is a subscription - make sure to cancel if you don't want to carry on receiving more products)...
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    Banking Numbrs Referral Offers

    Seeing so many people win £1000's from Numbrs this month! Had to get involved - if you want a ticket to the €50,000 payday giveaway sign up here
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    Smartphone Apps Airtime Rewards

    £5 referral surge until Sunday! Join airtimerewards and get free credit using my code D4E3EPAA
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    Bitcoin / Crypto Ziglu Referral offers

    Would appreciate anyone using my ziglu referral link (make sure to buy at least £1 worth of cryptocurrency)
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    Other Referrals GoHenry Referral Offers

    The GoHenry card is a smart solution for managing your child's money through a prepaid card. You can automatically or manually top-up weekly allowances or extra money when your kids do chores. It's aimed at parents, but they don't ask for your child's ID (or yours) so you don't need to have a...
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    Other Referrals Professional Indemnity Insurance (Dinghy) £25 Amazon Voucher

    Dinghy is a world first insurance provider of on-demand business insurance for self-employed professionals and freelancers - they offer fair & flexible insurance for freelancers. They're currently offering a £25 Amazon voucher (for both the referral and referrer) when you use a friends referral...
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    Banking Monese Referral Offers

    Monese did a big referral program a few years ago and they've just relaunched their referral scheme. Get £5 when you sign up to Monese using a referral link and make your first transaction with your Monese card (there is a delivery charge of £4.95 to get your physical Monese card but you can...
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    Blog / Blog Post Promotion What have you posted lately?

    International Women’s Day: Women’s Personal Finance