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    Matched betting encouragement

    There might be a few people out there who have thought about it, but haven't yet given it a go. Whilst it's not for everyone, (if you have an addictive personality for example), for the majority it's a great way to make lots of easy money. To be more specific, it's a great way to make lots of...
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    Power of Attorney refunds

    Not strictly money earning, but if you've paid for any Powers of Attorney between April 2013 and March 2017, you can claim a partial refund (as the government has reduced the cost). I've just received a £90 refund :-) Further details are available here:
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    Mug Bets

    Hi I'm currently working my way through the sign up offers and videos on PA. I've reached the page information on mug bets. Are there bookies where you recommend I particularly ensure that I do mug bets? I wouldn't want to deprive my self of future earning opportunities with some of the major...
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    National Insurance contributions

    Hi I hope that someone can help with this enquiry. I've recently started doing some mystery shopping and using the Job Spotter app, amongst other, to earn some extra money. I've been doing some preparation work with regard to tax, so I've read up on the whole Self Assessment situation, which...