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    Other Referrals £30 Amazon Gift card with ManyPets formally Bought By Many, Great pet insurance company. Offer ends 28/08/22

    £30 Amazon Gift card with Great pet insurance company. Offer ends 28/08/22 ManyPets formally Bought By Many, is a cat and dog insurance company underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE. They were the first company to be awarded Fairer Finance's Clear & Simple Mark for our easy-to-understand...
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    Other Referrals Kudo - Driving app £25 voucher

    I dnt have a iPhone but have an IPAD. I read somewhere you could still download it and use GPS? Or does it it an internet connection?
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    Other Referrals Zilch Referral Offer (FREE £10)

    Free £15 Amazon Gift Card using £15 credit. Or spend the £15 at 100+ retailers with 2% cashback. Zilch is a buy now, pay later app that allows its customers to shop wherever Mastercard is accepted. Zilch's users can keep track of all their purchases in one place – whether made online or...
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    Other Referrals GoHenry Referral Offers

    Hi sorry whos link did you use. But generally 24 hours after you completed the card activation step.
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    Other Referrals GoHenry Referral Offers

    GoHenry - Free £20 GoHenry is a child money management app which allows you to send money to your child’s debit card. Steps. 1. Using the referral link, sign up, basic details. No ID required or no credit check. 2. Deposit £20 to create the account, will be get this back. 3. Enter your...
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    Other Referrals Websites Offering Amazing Sign Up Offers!!!

    interesting, how do you get amazon links?
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    Other Referrals Simply Business - £25 Voucher

    Hi guys, Found them to be the cheapest insurance broker for a number of years, just renewed my quote and noticed the RAF. Click and complete your purchase on that screen, the order is tracked. Can claim, Amazon, John Lewis or M&S voucher within 45 days of policy start...
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    Smartphone Apps Airtime Rewards

    I hope this helps, I have taken screenshots of the providers they pay.
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    Question / Discussion Struggling to get going

    No problem, if you have been following the awesome advise from @atonement19 then you could either switch the Halifax account to Metro Bank to get another £50. Or even better, open another current account with Halifax and switch that to Metro bank. You can again do the same, set up a standing...
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    Banking METRO BANK REFER A FRIEND £50 each

    Hi people, I have 5 invites to Metro bank, please message me, so I can make sure we both get the reward. Its best to do the process on a mobile as you need to take a selfie and a picture of your passport. I also read, you need to register to mobile and internet banking to qualify. If you...
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    Question / Discussion Struggling to get going

    Also check out the new £100 Halifax bank incentive.