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    Geoff’s diary

    Hi folks, So I thought it might be worth writing a little diary on here so that I can share how I am making a little extra money which is, to be fair, blimmin’ useful! I am very lucky that I am not in any substantial debt (I pay for a car but keep up to date with my payments) so I take the view...
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    My £1,000 money making challenge

    Hello, So following on from reading some posts on here I thought I'd start a money making diary. I have thought long and hard about a target, and for now I have decided to keep going until I make £1k, whenever that may be and review from there. That covers some expenditure this year! So far...
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    Hello, I'm not really a beginner to money saving & earning, being a member of several survey sites and so on. But I've discovered this site and am determined to maximise my earnings with the help of the fine folk on here! So... just thought I'd say hello from a not-so-sunny East Anglia this...