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  1. Petlamb

    Passive Income Streams?

    Hi folks :) This is something I've been thinking about for a while. I have multiple chronic illnesses so can only log on to whichever platforms I'm using at a given time, when I'm well enough. It's also why I don't have a "proper" job. Now, the difficulty is that, during a flare, I might not...
  2. Petlamb

    Foreign currency in paypal - striking at the right time?

    So, some of the payments I receive to paypal are in USD. Usually I just withdraw them to my bank whenever, without really thinking about it much... but recently in the week between receiving a payment (of £6 odd), it dropped 12p of value. This got me thinking. Does anyone who gets paid some of...
  3. Petlamb

    Tying up money

    Hey folks. I've been umming and ahhing for a long time (too long!) about MBing. Current financial circumstances in our household have me looking for any and all ways to up the funds in our pot (I'm on long term sick, and starting to really panic about money) - so as such one of the things I...