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  1. FloydtheDog

    ----- The Introduce yourself thread! -----

    It was removed people were discussing the messages here. People got a bit too comfortable and forgot this is a public forum.
  2. FloydtheDog

    Surveys [OT] Qmee - Earn money online for going window shopping

    No need for everyone to start getting a bit iffy with each other over forum posts. Not liking how/what someone says does not mean they are not nice. People have different personalities, and it is difficult to get tone/meaning over text. I just saw someone being honest without flowery language...
  3. FloydtheDog

    Crisp Thinking Crisp Thinking

    Definitely, slowly but surely finding put what works for me. Loving all the advice, such a good community :)
  4. FloydtheDog

    Crisp Thinking Crisp Thinking

    Well that's me on the waiting list with 19/20. Hopefully I'll hear back from them before 2024 :LOL: