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    Points2shop are a PT site similar to Clixsense, Instagc, Zoombucks etc where you get paid to complete surveys, watch vids, click and all the rest of it. I have been with these for several years now and they are pretty good. Cash-out is at $3.00 and pays immediately to PayPal...
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    I have been with Zoombucks since 2012 and find them ok, although I don't do as much on it as on other sites. Its quick cash out at 500 points = $5 Paypal which is easily achieveable by completing the odd survey, offers etc and watching any available vids. For anyone who is a member of...
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    Surveys [OT] Inbox Pounds

    A previous Inbox Pounds thread was started under 'other referrals' but it was suggested that as the thread hadn't seen a reply in 120 days that I start another. I use Inbox Pounds primarily as a survey site and for that reason I have posted it here - so hope this is OK. :) I have been with...