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  1. dinokapi

    Sian's KDP diary

    Hey there Sian and congratulations on getting going. Are you doing anything to market/promote your books or relying on the marketplace to do the heavy lifting? Good luck either way and looking forward to hearing about your monthly revenues from this (it is a path I am considering too)
  2. dinokapi

    Other Earning Opportunity MistPlay

    I've tried a lot of apps and find they have a short shelf life. I would recommend using Appflame, as there is a period at the beginning where you get paid purely for leaving apps on. Managed to make 2 payouts before I had to start actually playing the games well. As for other apps, QMEE has...
  3. dinokapi

    How to save on food?

    Which foods have you had success growing? I've usually found (and most people tend to report) that it's expensive to get set up and you never get round to growing enough to make it valuable.
  4. dinokapi

    How to save on food?

    I think the best things we do are - use a slow cooker - if something is going off, check if it can be frozen and write on a whiteboard that is attached to the freezer when it needs to be used by - food plan - shop with a list and with 1 person alone if possible - try different stores to find...
  5. dinokapi

    Passive Income Earner ✅[METHOD] Adfocus + CustomHits = Big Views = Free Money

    Is anyone still trying this? Anyone managed to get payouts?
  6. dinokapi

    Finance, book keeping and accounting - the boring stuff

    Despite the fact they royally screwed mine up this year, I have actually found the actual process of self-assessment for taxation is brilliant now it's digital. Super quick and easy to report multiple years to get the fixes sorted, the bits that didn't go quickly were the manual bits! If you're...
  7. dinokapi

    Tips on Saving on Fuel Bills

    Save anything old and clothlike that you are about to throw away. There are some energy saving ways they can be used... - put them into bags and into the freezer as makeshift cooling pads on super warm days - take them out the bags and put in front of fans to make them effective even in super...
  8. dinokapi

    Social Media What Have You Posted Lately - YOUTUBE!

    I have the DJI Pocket 2 Osmo. I wayyyyyyyyy underutilise it. It's a phenomenal bit of kit. On 4k you get workable footage without having to really bother with lighting. I need to get that thing back out again!
  9. dinokapi

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the forums? All my history, notifications and most of...

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the forums? All my history, notifications and most of the forums have seemingly disappeared for no apparent reason.
  10. dinokapi

    Question / Discussion Print on demand Redbubble

    When you say actual artists do you mean established painter sorts of people? I'm a cartoonist and digital marketer (content side predominantly) so in theory I am well placed to design if I find suitable suppliers etc.
  11. dinokapi

    Question / Discussion Print on demand Redbubble

    I am watching out for this too. Found a list as myself/a friend were looking at eco-friendly options and found this Printful have been recommended in the past but I am yet to try any of them tbh
  12. dinokapi

    Passive Income Earner ✅[METHOD] Adfocus + CustomHits = Big Views = Free Money

    Do you leave your computer on to achieve these numbers or just do it whenever you're online?
  13. dinokapi

    Smartphone Apps Get paid to write app reviews on the money shed blog

    It would also be helpful to know a list of those apps you've already covered in one handy place, so that we can keep track of apps to avoid!
  14. dinokapi

    Question / Discussion Different price sticker than online order price

    It is contestable in certain circumstances if you saw the lower price before making the purchase, but not in this instance.
  15. dinokapi

    Marketing - What's working for you?

    If you fully automate it, there's only a matter of time before something goes wrong. Arguably the same for scheduling, think if you say something is on fire or the bomb... then a major terrorist incident occurs in the homeland of your main target audience! You don't want to be so careful that...
  16. dinokapi

    Business ideas - brainstorming start-up ideas

    I'd be looking at individuals really, so yes some of them would run businesses but most of them would be looking at how to do the marketing function in their career or business`
  17. dinokapi

    Question / Discussion What sites are good for free self promotion?

    Has that ever really worked for you? I've always found it a bit spammy and the low traffic I can drive to it (without playing a trick or two) doesn't account for much. I've fared better doing individual recommendations which I realise you already appreciate, is a very slow way to grow!!!
  18. dinokapi

    Marketing - What's working for you?

    If you're starting out on Twitter you need to be regularly engaging to stand a chance. Find a little pocket of people in your niche either by typing in keywords or finding lists of relevant people. Then get involved in 10 conversations a week (10 a day would be better but no need to go more than...
  19. dinokapi

    Business ideas - brainstorming start-up ideas

    Have you ever seen - like that almost... It'd be that sort of thing but for other areas of marketing, then yes the templates/processes that people could work with and some original content produced by myself and my network.
  20. dinokapi

    Question / Discussion More madcap ideas - advice on adding a payment service to Blog

    Nice, would love to hear more about the process! There is a whole #BuildingInPublic movement on Twitter where they make a big deal of the stories behind building up businesses and websites. Provided there is some crossover between them and your target audience, that might be a nice way to add...