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  1. BreeziOG

    25% off at Orange County CBD

    If you're interested in trying CBD for the first time, or you're a seasoned user looking for the best quality, give Orange County a go and save 25% off using my link. It should apply the discount automatically at checkout, but if not, use code FERNYEXOTIC I have chronic health issues, so would...
  2. BreeziOG

    Postsnap - free Father's Day card and £3 credit

    Just used another canny new app, and bagged myself a free Father's Day card - it's called Postsnap and is available on Apple devices. Link to download is on To quote them: It’s a new, easy to use app which lets you create real, personalised photo cards straight from an...
  3. BreeziOG

    CLOSED - Zeek! Free £5 voucher! [working again!!!]

    Message from admin: It looks like Zeek are in financial trouble so it would be smart not to keep funds on there. Heard about a new app today and though I'd share with you lot - I know you love something for nothing as much as I do. Basically, it lets you buy gift vouchers for brands like...