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  1. Morning Millionaire

    The Money Shed Gaming Thead - press START to continue

    I have been working my way through the Crash Bandicoot remastered trilogy in my spare time. This game is still capturing my heart all these years later.
  2. Morning Millionaire

    Do you ever see yourself stopping this online earning malarky?

    I think a lot of 'normal' businesses will start venturing out to homeworkers. The company my sister works for are now employing live chat assistance from home. Think about it. A lot of the standard office jobs can be done from home.
  3. Morning Millionaire


    Touring Plans is definitely the way to go. You just input the date, park you're going to, arrival time, select the rides you want to go on, input any fastpass times you've booked and any times you'll want lunch or a break, your walking speed (casual, normal etc) and then it will order everything...
  4. Morning Millionaire

    What is a successful blog?

    I guess it depends on what you set out to do with the blog. If you're achieving that goal then I'd consider it a success.
  5. Morning Millionaire

    [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    I'm making around £3-5 most days. I don't bother at the weekend though.
  6. Morning Millionaire

    Failed website graveyard!

    To be fair, he then went on to create Calm, one of the biggest meditation apps in the world. The guy has always been ahead of the curve!
  7. Morning Millionaire

    What stops first time Mystery Shoppers taking that leap!

    I was put off by the McDonald's ones I used to do. The staff knew exactly what you were doing and it made it very uncomfortable. You even had to fill in the form in store! I love the apps, but I am still selective about which ones I do. I will not do any that require me to ask staff members...
  8. Morning Millionaire

    Would you pay an inflated price to buy a domain?

    .pizza is the perfect domain to be honest.
  9. Morning Millionaire

    Law of Attraction

    The law of attraction seems to have been hijacked by a lot of lazy people these days. It certainly isn't about writing down something you want and then waiting for it to appear because you're feeling positive about it. Books like The Secret and Think and Grow Rich talk about a true law of...
  10. Morning Millionaire

    Bitconnect website

    Here's a damning look at it:
  11. Morning Millionaire

    Bitconnect website

    Everything I've read about this points to it being a ponzi scheme. Your referral link is also a cause for concern when you haven't posted any information about what it actually is.
  12. Morning Millionaire

    What have you posted lately?

    The Weekly Plan: New opportunities to earn!
  13. Morning Millionaire

    August 2017 Money Making Challenge - All welcome! Win cash for joining in!

    I'll go with another conservative figure of £400 this month.
  14. Morning Millionaire

    What have you posted lately?

    Debt Repayment Update: Did I reach my target?
  15. Morning Millionaire

    What have you posted lately?

    Good thinking, thanks! :)
  16. Morning Millionaire

    [OT] Earn money with the fantastic folks at Prolific Academic

    It does seem like it would be easy to just make it up to avoid payment doesn't it. I'd hope that they'd have to show proof to Prolific, but who knows!
  17. Morning Millionaire

    What have you posted lately?

    The Weekly Roundup: I've been creating habits to change my life!