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  1. gerri.spiers


    Hi Since start of January I have had no new subscribers. I did get a few when I was running competitions but sadly a few left after they did not win! Can anyone provide with a good way of getting new subscribers to my blog I generally blog about helping...
  2. gerri.spiers

    Win a book on the Menopause
  3. gerri.spiers

    My first affilate payment

    I am very pleased that I have got my first Affilate payment on Awin...OK it is only 50p but it is a start. I have made sure that I do a post that I want to write and then think if there are any affilate links I can add. Not the other way round! I have also used Amazon and both accounts are...
  4. gerri.spiers

    Mail Relay??

    I set up my blog with Tshost who I have found to be very helpful with my blog settings etc. However, my subscribers are now around 300 (hurrah!) but for some reason many of my subscribers are not getting my updates. I have my home email and work email as subscribers so I can see posts are being...
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    Win a set of 4 Adult Colouring books

    I have a free prize draw on my blog to win a set of 4 adult colouring books with pens and pencils. You just need to subscribe to my blog if you are interested. Full terms and conditions on my blog. This is the link Good luck...
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    Running a competition on my blog

    I have ran a comp on my blog in April for existing and new subscribers to win a garden or theatre voucher to the value of £25. It is proving successful as I have inceased my subscribers to around 120 which in 2 months since starting my blog I am pleased about. The comp or rather free prize draw...
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    Subscribers not receiving updates

    Hi I have now got a few subscribers to my blog I posted a new post earlier today and as I have myself as a subscriber as well I do not understand why no one has received the updates? I have a link on the blog for subscribers and then I go to email...
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    My new blog for Women over 50

    Hello I have just started a blog for Women over 50 My blog is called I am still finding my way. Feel I am blogging to myself at present Do let me know what you think and all suggestions both good and bad are very welcome Thank you
  9. gerri.spiers

    Match betting query

    I am thinking of doing this ie using the free bet to place my bets. Just wondering if you can lose money Eg bet £20 ie the free bet. If youl lose then I imagine you just lose the £20 you bet with. Or would you lose more and have to pay that in addition.
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    What a great site. I need money for home repairs. Today hand delivered 100 letters to local business owners asking if they need anyone to help do virtual PA work evenings and weekends. Fingers crossed. Some good ideas also on this site