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    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Shame that Unibet money back if you win offer has disappeared already.
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    How not to get gubbed

    Well everyone has their own theories about gubbings and their own ideas and strategies on how to avoid them, ranging from refraining from horse betting to reciting incantations and spreading a protective circle of salt around them before betting. My advice is this: Never bet on the early...
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    Gener8 ads

    Yeah sorry, I'm afraid you lost me after "do not have the option to cash out yet" and "The tokens do not have any value at this time "
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    About to start.... I think!

    It's quite likely some bookmakers may need you to provide some form of ID for money laundering checks. A driving licence/passport and something with your address on it are usual things they ask for. If you don't have any bills then a bank or credit card statement might be ok.
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    2 competitions to enter on Saturdays

    If you normally do horses on saturdays then don't forget to enter the ITV and Racing Post pick 7 competitions for a chance to win up to £50,000. The odds of winning are very high but it is free to enter so you might as well. You will need a William Hill account for Racing Post Lucky 7 and Sky...
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    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Very often. Both back and lay odds can and often do change quickly. Especially just before a horse race is off.
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    Trading 212 - Free stock worth up to £100 - Deposit minimum £1 (<24 hours cashout)

    Just to clarify, especially for people who are keeping hold of their free share, that there is no inactivity fee with the Invest account. Handy to know if you want to keep the shares for a while to see how the markets go. You can sell your free share any time you like after 3 days of course, if...
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    [OT] TopCashBack

    Top Cashback currently offering a free £5 Virtual prepaid mastercard to new members signing up though the tell a friend programme and reaching £10 of cashback. If you're not already a member it is well worth joining for cashback on your online spending, especially if you are matched betting and...
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    My risk free casino diary

    Yup it's still going. Not sure what William Hill are up to. I've been gubbed, ungubbed, half gubbed and regubbed all since christmas. This week they let me have the 5 free spins in the casino, but not the ones on offer in the Games section. Not that it really matters as I can never get...
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    UK reselling blogs

    Yes, that's it. I knew they had a proper name.
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    UK reselling blogs

    A friend of mine collects those bobble head toy things that are around a lot these days. Nearly every franchise seems to have a bobble head version of it. If you know which ones are in high demand there's quite a bit of profit in reselling those. You have to get the right ones though. Tesco have...
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    Music Magpie! Get £5 FREE + 10% More On Your Total Order - Using My Referral Link

    Never sell to the middle man. You will always get a much worse of deal. Same with webuyanycar. For just a little bit more effort you can go straight to the end buyer. Example: Music Magpie will pay you just £2 for COD WW2 on PS4. They have it listed on ebay at £11.90 Just list it on ebay...
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    Any Creative Businesses Out There?

    +1 for Etsy here too. Yes there are fees but they are cheaper than ebay. The user base seems a bit skewed towards Europe and the States but that's not necessarily a bad thing if you don't mind shipping internationally. They usually rank quite high on google searches too. Maybe instagram could...
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    Necessary Start-up Capital?

    Try to withdraw from the bookies at first if you can and keep your betfair balance, you'll need it. Especially with Cheltenham looming.
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    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Betsid join the list of bookies that have gone belly up. "Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for being a loyal BetSid customer. It is with regret that we are informing you that FSB Technology (UK) Ltd will cease to provide gaming services on behalf of BetSid. BetSid will not be accepting any...
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    Horse Racing - Matched Bet

    That's what I always think. They offer weird and wonderful foreign markets and then gub anyone who bets on them. I guess it depends on the profile you build up with the bookmaker. I think English league football and european major leagues are pretty safe as are big sporting events like the...
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    Extra Income & Tax etc.

    Capital gains threshold is £12,000, I think but selling on ebay is taxed as income not captial gains if you are doing as a business. My understanding is it works like this. A. You buy a box of star wars figures in January and split them up and sell them separately through Feb and March and...
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    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    Glad its going well. With the free bets you normally expect to come out with around 80% profit. So for a £10 free bet you would lay £8 to end up with £8 profit either from the exchange or from the win at the bookmaker.
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    Calling All Ebayers (and anyone else who wants to save money on packaging costs)

    Ok so I ran out of padded envelopes this week. Made an emergency trip to the local pound shop where I managed to pick up a pack of 5 medium sized ones for princely sum of £1, quite a bit cheaper than WH Smiths or Post office are charging. This got me thinking that it might be possible to club...
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    [OT] Discussion about Matched Betting II {Beginners Guide in 1st Post}

    All British racing cancelled today. Racing in Britain cancelled following equine influenza outbreak