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  1. katykicker

    Prolific Very Quiet !!!!

    I leave the tab open when I'm online (and when I remember) and you have to click within a few seconds or poof they disappear!
  2. katykicker

    What have you posted lately?

    Haha yes you do mate!
  3. katykicker

    Single and ready to mingle - 34 year old man with his own hair and teeth!

    Hopefully you can meet someone nice locally!
  4. katykicker

    Declare your hatred or love for The Shed right here

    I still love the shed :)
  5. katykicker

    What have you posted lately?

    Few new ones from me: Review: Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt (AD – Gifted) Review: A trip to Lee Valley Park Farms (AD) Living Arrows 7/52 [2019] – Fun with bubbles The Meal Planning Linky Week #59 Meal Plan Living Arrows 6/52 [2019] – Can I have a pound Mum?
  6. katykicker

    Hey. I just want to earn about £1000 a month .

    Well done, this is a great list!
  7. katykicker

    Are we just endlessly meant to switch EVERYTHING??

    When these companies go bankrupt ofgem moves you to another supplier. You don't lose supply and you can then just move elsewhere. I think it's still worth the chance for the savings in the interim.
  8. katykicker

    What makes you decide between a .com or a domain?

    Mostly, but there are a few .com domains I own, as I'm not sure if I'll do anything with them x I'd rather have the .com than as most people use .com these days.
  9. katykicker

    Prolific Very Quiet !!!!

    It automatically refreshes when studies load x Leave a tab open and you'll see a (1) appear when there is a study.
  10. katykicker

    Prolific Very Quiet !!!!

    I've done £10.25 of submissions already so far this week (5 surveys). I just leave the window open now when I'm already online and tab back into it now and then to make sure it doesn't have an error message. It displays a (1) in the browser tab when a new survey loads so no need for any browser...
  11. katykicker

    Extra Income & Tax etc.

    Really? How comes?
  12. katykicker

    20 cogs question

    From what I've read people DO hit the cashout but it takes months.
  13. katykicker

    My risk free casino diary

    Ahh I've had similar with WH in the past and now just tend not to do most of the offers there.
  14. katykicker

    What makes you decide between a .com or a domain?

    I do it the opposite way around. I would forward the to the .com, but I like to own both if possible.
  15. katykicker

    Making 2019 MY year

    Hope it goes well for you! Just wanted to say hello *waves* and that I'll be checking in to your diary so do keep us updated!
  16. katykicker

    Are we just endlessly meant to switch EVERYTHING??

    @Jon you need to remember this and get the deets for your gas & electric today so I can help you switch to someone cheaper!