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    Best place to sell a mobile phone please

    Hi, I have and old phone (have recently upgraded). It is an iPhone 5S and I have a spare SIM for it that I can throw in. Obviously cause its quite an old phone, I'm not going to get much for it but was wondering which are the best websites these days. Thanks

    Horse Racing - Matched Bet

    Hi, as most of the high odds (ie over 5.0 which Oddsmonkey) tell you to do) bets are for horse racing, I have decided to brave it and started making my free bets horse racing ones. Was just wondering though, if for example the odds are 6.0 for horse A to win, would you click on the horse or the...

    Weekly Betting Clubs

    Hi, I have now done most of the new customer offers on Oddsmokey and I'm trying to establish a regular routine with matched betting, ie trying to work out how many offers I can realistically do each week. As part of this, was wondering which of the weekly betting clubs people use, would prefer...

    Same Game Multi Bet

    Hi, I am doing a reload offer with Betfair. Have placed a bet on the exchange for the Arsenal vs Chelsea match and done the lay bet at Betdaq. The offer is that I then receive a £5 Sportbook bet which must be placed on a Same Game Multi. What is a Same Game Multi please, dont know what it means...

    Accumulator Question - How to calculate how much to lay

    Hi, hoping someone might be able to help. I am doing my first accumulator through a VBet offer, it is a three fold one and I have read the guides. I have placed the qualifying accumulator bet successfully, and I have read the guide on how to lay sequentially and I understand that if the first...

    Blackjack: Betting on One Hand

    Hi, I have recently started using OddsMonkey and there is an offer through Sportnation where you need to deposit £20 and bet the full £20 on one hand. You then get credited with 50 free spins. I don't understand what betting on one hand means as I'm not very familiar with Blackjack. Could...

    Merry Christmas All

    Just wanted to wish everyone on the forum a fantastic Christmas and to thank everyone on here for being a sounding board and source of advice Hope you all have a good one.

    Unsettled Bet

    Hi, I have just done a new account offer, checked my bets and the bet is showing as unsettled. Does that mean I need to do anything, or does iit just mean that the bet hasn't settled yet because the football match is until the 19th December, sorry know this is a silly question

    Silly Question about Matching Betting

    I have decided to take the plunge and have another go at matched betting and have signed up with Oddsmonkey. My aim is to do the easy ones. I did the MoPlay offer whereby you do a £10 bet, plus a laybet with Betfair and then get two free £15 bets. I have used the oddsmatcher calculator and other...

    Any one else having problems with the apps

    Having a few problems at the moment, wondering if I'm the only one, as follows: Roamler keeps going offline. I did a task and because of this it didn't submit so I obviously didn't get paid. Jobspotter - I took loads of pictures of adverts today up in London. For loads of them I got a network...

    I'm guessing I should avoid this, but would like some opinions.

    I recently came across an earning opportunity on facebook where you join a money board paying £50. You pay £50 to the person who is at the top of the first board and you (together with other team members) get referrals and move up the board. When you are at the top of the first board you should...

    New Copywriting Opportunity - Vocal

    Hi all, just came across this on facebook. Couldn't find the advert so did a search instead. I will be looking into this myself. Thought it may be of interest.

    Taking a Break

    For various reasons, I have decided to take a break from my blog at least for over the Summer as I've got too much going on. As a lot of you have probably picked up from my posts, I am having a bit of trouble with my older boy at the moment. There aren't enough hours in the day and also because...

    Another Silly Question

    Hi, I have received several emails over the past few weeks telling me that I have a new registration on my site and giving me the person's username and email address. Could anybody tell me what this means please. Thanks

    Thinking of Quitting my Blog and using the posts to send to magazines or make into a book

    ceHi, Looking for a bit of advice regarding the future of my blog. I have enjoyed blogging but haven't made much progress in terms of followers despite following advice and promoting my blogs. This isn't a pity fest but I also worry about people I know on facebook seeing my posts with hardly...

    Feeling horribly unmotivated

    Sorry I feel as if I have just uttered swear words on my thread but I feel as if I am at a real crossroads. I am posting about two posts every week but at the moment I've got writers blog. With regards to promoting my blog, I hardly know what I am doing anytime I try and look into anything, I...

    Pret a Manger

    Hi, I know a little while ago all the Pret jobs disappeared from Marketforce. Well, I went into my Field App and there are now Pret jobs on there. Thought I would let you all know. Think the fee is £5 per job, plus £3 for a tea or coffee, so equates to about the same as it was with Marketforce...

    Has anybody ever used Football Index

    Just wondering cause there is an offer on Oh My Dosh where you deposit £10 and get a free trial with £500 for 7 days. You then earn £15 through Oh My Dosh if you have played through te money. Has anyone done this?

    Advice on how best to make money from my blog

    Hi, looking for a bi of advice really as my blog has been going for a year now and I have only recently really tried to concentrate on how to promote it. I'm not getting anywhere fast unfortunately. On one hand, I am filled with self-doubt and wondering whether the whole thing has been worth it...

    Market Force

    Hi, hope I am not doing the wrong thing posting this. I used to do loads of Pret jobs for Market Force, but but have't seen any on the website for about two months. I'm guessing another company is in charge of the sandwich company that's a bit like Prat with one letter change. Really miss doing...