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  1. Jon

    What's the quickest way to convert 450 physical photos to digital?

    So I’ve started this project today and have been using Google Photoscan PhotoScan by Google Photos by Google LLC Available on Android as well! Each photo is taking maybe 4-5 seconds to do. It detects the border of...
  2. Jon

    The Money Shed Gaming Thead - press START to continue

    Still plugging away on modern warfare. It’s unreal how good I am at sniping on that game compared to newer cods!
  3. Jon

    How to earn money using Airtime Rewards

    Just to let you all know A Referral boost is live now until Sunday, users can get £1.50 per friend they refer (friend also gets £1.50) ;)
  4. Jon

    LISA - Peoples view?

    I’ve spent the entire of tonight nearly trying to decide if I want a pension or lisa I have neither at the moment. At the age of 37 I never have! The lisa does sound good and I would be Lower tax %20
  5. Jon

    My risk free casino - Final end of year report

    As someone that’s unlocked all the bonuses on Finn let me tell you it makes naff all difference which one you choose
  6. Jon

    Current Matched Betting company sign up offers

    They don’t use the same software PA Use totally propitiatory software they created a few years back
  7. Jon

    March Moneymaking - Let's do this!

    Sorry to hear about everything you've had to go through recently. Are you any good at freelance writing? @StevenP15 is doing great guns with earning from doing freelance writing by offering his services on the likes of Fiverr, PeoplePerHour etc. I've actually commissioned him for a few pieces...
  8. Jon

    Let me review your blog!

    In terms of getting a quote from Hostpresto all you want to do is move the domain and the content over Forget the SSL as you can set that up for free. Forget the Firewall as you can use Wordfence Forget the super duper support as normal support is good enough. I've restored my sites more times...
  9. Jon

    Let me review your blog!

    You don't need to pay for a firewall. Just use WordFence which is FREE and a wordpress plugin and will stop all hacking attempts. 72hrs is pretty slow to be fair. Regular run of the mill support would be enough for you I would say.
  10. Jon

    Let me review your blog!

    What the what??? You don’t need to pay for an ssl, they are free via letsencrypt What unearth is premium WP support? Website security deluxe??!? Were you told to buy all this stuff when you were looking to buy some web hosting and a domain?
  11. Jon

    Let me review your blog!

    AH yeah the “no cPanel on godaddy” issue. Such a clever way to lock people in as the majority of people just think it’s too much faff to move. What unearth are you paying them anyway if you can make a saving of £400?
  12. Jon

    Let me review your blog!

    Ah, that's great news about the padlock! Must have been a glitch at my end, I apologise! Don't worry about buying into the 'hype'. It's easily done and the reason people selling blogger courses go after a certain demographic (ie, hello I want to make a new blog type people) as they are very...
  13. Jon

    What do you use to track your income and expenses when Self Employed?

    Well, I'm not a fully paid-up member of FreeAgent. First thing I did was claim it as an expense in the system lol If you want to sign up with 10% Discount feel free to use my link which takes the annual cost down to £80 odd Been spending most of this morning adding...
  14. Jon

    Free Google Home Mini Hub if you have a Spotify Family Subscription - Both NEW and EXISTING customers!

    well, I'm working out of a Wetherspoons at the moment so it's not all glam!
  15. Jon

    Free Google Home Mini Hub if you have a Spotify Family Subscription - Both NEW and EXISTING customers!

    Great stuff! Aye, it's a cracking deal! Mine should come in the next day or two I think. I'll just be glad to get rid of the bloody FM radio in my 'office' at home!
  16. Jon

    Free Google Home Mini Hub if you have a Spotify Family Subscription - Both NEW and EXISTING customers!

    You need to be logged into the spotify website as the MAIN person in the family. ie, the one who setup the account
  17. Jon

    Let me review your blog!

    Design Your colour scheme is certainly eye catching. With using the pastel colours that you are each section stands out clearly. You've made good use of your menu bar and having the sidebar on the left instead of the right is certainly different. I LOVE the header logo btw, looks great! That...
  18. Jon

    Earn ££ watching people play games on DLive!

    From the viewer point of view do you think that users care about what platform they are watching on. For example, Twitch is fully baked into my PS4. I can choose a game and instantly watch other people play that game or if I am looking to buy something off the store I can again click one button...