1. David H

    Help: did a treble ACCA but one match overlaps with another?

    Hi everyone, I was doing the Betway ACCA promotion and was doing it manually as I couldn't find Betway on the "ACCA Catcher", and so was doing it manually and so when I had selected my three matches and clicked "confirm" I noticed I have two matches overlapping. One match starts at 19:30 and...
  2. David H

    How many Accas can be done at any one time?

    Morning everyone! I have just watched the tutorial on PA on how to do Accumulators. but on the "Acca-Catcher" I've noticed that a lot of the Acca matches have the same matches in them, give or take a couple of matches maybe. I'm guessing this may not always be a problem if doing Accas on...
  3. David H

    Where does most of the money come from?

    Hi everyone, I started Matched Betting (MB) before finding this site. I actually use Profit Squirrel but at £24.99 I'm thinking I might give Profit Accumulator a go as it's cheaper. I know it can take a long time to start, but even though I am making a profit and I can see why people do MB...