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  1. M

    Banking Blackcatcard get 40 eur for registering +40 eur for refering a friend

    Blackcatcard 40 euro bonus for registration. No deposit needed! Bonus only for registering! Instructions how to get a bonus: 1. Download "Blackcatcard" aap from Appstore or GooglePlay. 2. Register - fill in the information. 3. For KYC use ID card or passport. For proof of adress you can use...
  2. Jon

    TopCashback [OT] TopCashBack

    NOTICE : This article talks about using TopCashBack to earn money but this is just one cashback site. There are many others available such as Quidco. - This is simply a Blog Post on how to use the various 'gaming sites' that are on offering via the site to your advantage. A while ago I was after...
  3. Albaker73

    Smartphone Apps Storewards - Replacement For Receipt Hog Launches In UK

    Storewards is a brand new receipt scanning app and has now fully launched in the UK. The app is a replacement to the popular Receipt Hog service which closed at the end of August 2020, and is a good way to earn cash from the receipts you likely just throw away anyway! If you haven't come...