1. L

    Steelseries referral code - £10 off first order (gaming peripherals)

    Steelseries, one of the leading gaming peripherals brand, now has a referral service. Use the link below to get £10 off of your first order...
  2. S

    Review of the Dell Inspiron 15 - 7567 gaming

    I have had this laptop for a year and honestly I cannot complain about anything on it apart from the screen. If you get around the screen this laptop if a great one. The graphics card although a little underpowered for gaming on high settings for title like gta v is completely fine for gaming at...
  3. VirtualWombat

    Discounts on Nintendo Switch Accessories

    Hi all, I've been supplied discount codes for a variety of different Nintendo Switch Accessories including a case bundle, Joy-Con racing wheels and a playstand. These codes give discounts of £3 or £4 on each product and end on 30th of June or July depending on the product. You can find...