1. H

    Bitcoin / Crypto CoinMarketFeed - Airdrops

    As a new platform for learning, investing and earning crypto CoinMarketFeed launched giveaway for new registered users. Currently they offer 50 CMF tokens worth 5 USD as part of 2nd airdrop round. Registration takes no more than 1 minute. Follow these steps: 1. Register using this link...
  2. K

    Zizzi Comp - £250 Gift Voucher

    I have entered a competition to win a free £250 Zizzi Gift voucher for me and a friend. However, the friend also needs to enter the competition also using my link. Well...friends :) It's a very quick form to join the competition. Fingers crossed. Deadline...
  3. Jon

    £20 Amazon Voucher Giveaway

    Hey all I've setup a quick and easy £20 Amazon Voucher Giveaway for you all to enter! Good Luck!