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    Other Referrals PENFOLD Private Pension Get £25 FREE + Government Bonus

    If you are looking for a private pension to begin saving/putting away money for early retirement then I highly recommend Penfold, plus if you use my referral code down below, you will get £25 FREE + £5 Tax bonus from the government, every £25 you save thereafter also will get a £5 Government...
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    Utility Company Octopus Energy Referral Code

    Hi, We were so impresed with the easy sign up for an older relative when we helped her switch her electric supply that we decided to sign up ourselves with Octopus Energy for our electricity. The relative has already got a potential £400 in cashback for referring; which will cover her annual...
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    How to get free fast food

    So it's not a new money making app but i've recently written a post on how you can get free fast food just by buying the food you love to treat yourself to on a Friday night. A great way of saving money long term (and it's great knowing you've got a few freebies up your sleeve) Hopefully okay...