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    Shares / Stocks Freeshare

    Join me and invest with Freetrade. Get started with a free share worth between £3 and £200. T&Cs apply. Capital at risk. If you have Android they support Google pay don't need to link bank for the share just top up £1. Thank you
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    Shares / Stocks £20 free share (instant sell) - Lightyear

    So this one is a pretty easy £20 to make. (Sometimes a few pennies more if the markets are kind). Lightyear is a simple and approachable way to invest your money globally without unnecessary barriers and fees. And they're offering a free £20 share (that can be sold instantly) for new signups...
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    Shares / Stocks Orca Referral Offers

    Orca Investment App launching in late 2020. Similar to Trading 212 and Freetrade. The NEW offer is get a free share when you are referred upto the value of £200. You need to compete verification and deposit £50 in your account to activate this offer.
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    Shares / Stocks Freetrade - Free share worth £3-80

    Freetrade, a new share dealing app have introduced a referral scheme. If you open and fund an account, you will get a share worth £3-80. Shares of £80 are less likely but there is nothing to lose. To qualify you will need to have funded your account with a minimum of £1 and purchased 1 stock...