Anyone can recommend a good place to sell a bike?


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Sep 27, 2020
The guy who didn't turn up 10 times has been trying to book another appointment with me. I refused, he's started to insult me. I've reported him. I really don't feel safe now as he has my address, and I have another potential buyer who is coming tomorrow. I know there are quite a lot of chavs where I live, but this is really making me quite upset (I have been having stomach pains for the last couple of days - hadn't any for 6 years!)
Be careful when selling stuff online, folks, especially if it's stuff you can't send in the post!

I never give out my address. I have advertised my stuff through my local library and on gumtree and local sales boards (for my area in London).

I always meet people at a public place like inside or outside my nearest library, outside a busy cafe, my local mcdonalds is near a police station (lots of cameras around).

There was a bike shop buying second hand bikes in London. Maybe do a search for any companies/organisations buying second hand bikes.

Good luck.

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