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Mar 22, 2021
Azimo is a money transfer service that gives you your first two Azimo transfers free. As well as that, if you sign up using my referral link, you'll receive £10 off your first transfer of £100.

  1. Sign up on Azimo's app using my referral link (£10 discount automatically applied) or click on Azimo's Website. If you sign up on Azimo's website link you must enter the referral code JACKP43 to get the £10 discount.
  2. Complete account verification. Tap “New transfer” then “send to someone new”.
  3. Tap underneath “You send” and enter £100. Azimo will ask who you are sending to, tap “Send to myself”. Enter your name, email address and the IBAN of the Euro account you are sending to (e.g. if you are sending to your TransferWise account you will find the IBAN (16 Digit begins BE...) in “Account details”/ “Euro”).
  4. Select your payment method (bank transfer or debit/credit card- both free). Azimo will apply a £10 discount and only take £90 from your bank. Your transfer takes 1-2 days (you can track your transfer in the app).
  5. When your Euros arrive in (e.g. in your Wise account), transfer your Euros to your UK account, and then withdraw to your bank of choice.
Referring your friends:-

Every time a friend signs up to Azimo using your invite code and completes a qualifying transaction, they'll receive £10 off, and for a limited time YOU'LL receive £20!

So yeah, many thanks if you do choose to use my link. :)


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