Best home for your shares ISA? 1% cash back, a free share and 5.2% on your cash balance.


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Oct 16, 2016
Yes I am starting another Trading 212 thread because I want to talk about the actual product, for people looking to open a stocks and shares ISA for this tax year, instead of posting just another "Me post affiliate link, click link, get money" type message.

For the month of April Trading 212 are offering 1% cashback on all new ISA deposits. Sadly this is for new customers only. On top of this you will also qualify for a free share and everyone can also take advantage of a high rate of interest on their cash balance.

To get the full set of benefits you need to start by opening a Trading account using my affiliate link here Then fund that account with £1. Once that is set up and running you should qualify for the free share. The free share could be anything up to a value of £100 but in my experience it is usually in the region of £10 to £20 The free share will be credited to your trading account. The free share can be sold straight away but the money from the free share is locked for 30 days.

You can then set up an ISA linked to the same account. Once this is done any deposits you make into the ISA will qualify for the 1% cashback, for April only. You can also transfer in from another provider instead of depositing. I believe the cashback is paid into your standard trading account. The bad news is the 1% stays locked for a whole 12 months, but you can buy and sell shares with it during that time. You will do all your main buying and selling in the ISA. The standard trading account is just there to hold your freebies until they can be withdrawn (you could withdraw the cash to your ISA if you are still within the limit)

Trading 212 also pay an excellent rate of interest on your uninvested cash balance, at the moment 5.2% but you will need to opt in to get this. If you don't opt there is no interest paid. Important to note: The 5.2% comes from investing your balance in money market funds. These are internationally traded funds consisting of high quality, low risk bonds and cash equivalents, usually short dated government bonds. These are generally considered a very safe form of investment as governments are very unlikely to default on their debt however, because they are counted as an investment vehicle they do not qualify for the FCS protection scheme. Do you own research to check you are happy with this. I personally am.

I can recommend Trading 212. I use it as my main share dealing account for my ISA. Their fees are low and they have a good range of shares and ETFs from lots of different markets available. My main gripe is I don't like the interface on their website. It can be hard to find where everything is. Although I think most people use the phone app these days anyway.

To get the 1% cashback and risk free free share you only have until 30th April so you will need to act quickly.

My referral link is

Any questions please feel free to ask

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