Blue Peter badge gives FREE entry to 200+ UK attractions


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Aug 8, 2014
As a mum of 3 kids days out can add up. My kids recently applied to get Blue Peter badges, they can do this by submitting art, poetryor writing about important issues plus much more. Mine had got involved in local litter picking and were in the local paper, so got given the Green Blue Peter badge. Once your child has a badge, it’s valid until they are 15. It gives the child free entry to lots of UK attractions, with a full paying adult, including theme parks, castles, zoos etc.

If that wasn’t good enough, there are some locations that let one paying adult take more than one badge winner in. For example, Knowsley Safari Park allows one full paying adult to take in 3 Blue Peter Badge holders!! Bargain!! Applications are taking 6-12 weeks, so apply now and have it ready for the school summer holidays.

Here is the link:
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