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Dec 14, 2015
The reason why people can't withdraw from Motion Capital (well, the broker) at the moment is because there are open trades. All they need to do to withdraw is ask to be disconnected from the EA, then when the current trades close they can withdraw. They could in theory withdraw now as they have control over their funds, but that would significantly risk their investment. Since I joined at the beginning of January I've had 28.5% ROI after all the fees. Since August when Prophet changed to Motion, profit has dropped, so I'll keep an eye on it, but it's definitely still making me money.

"Beware of anyone who recommends any of these organisations to you. They are affiliates." (sorry, I can't work out how to quote today - I swear I'm losing my computer skills as I get older....)

I am truly sorry @billyrayvalentine999 for recommending CTT. I have read through what I wrote above and it was 100% my honest opinion at the time with the knowledge that I had, which was clearly wrong. I'm glad none of my family wanted to sign up, because I genuinely would have helped them to sign up too. I promise I wasn't knowingly recommending a rubbish company. I will lose about 80% of my balance as it was when the bad trade was taken at the end of July. Hopefully you were able to get disconnected earlier than me - they refused to disconnect me previously when I would have lost a lot less.

Also I never received any affiliate money from either of these companies. I only signed 2 people up to CTT, and you need to sign 10 up before you receive anything. I'd never sign anyone up to anything I didn't use myself, (plus you have to be a CTT client to benefit from the affiliate scheme) so I won't receive anything at all since I'm no longer a client.

Sorry to repeat myself but if anyone new to this is reading, this sort of investment is high risk, and only invest what you can afford to lose.
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