Bitcoin / Crypto FREE €10 on Kriptomat on your first trade of €100 [INSTANTLY WITHDRAWABLE]


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Apr 8, 2020
Kriptomat is a European licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

They are currently offering a €10 bonus on your first trade of €100 or more. It works in the UK.

  1. Sign up to Kriptomat through this link
  2. Verify your email, phone number and identity with an ID or Passport. It's a really short process and it requires you to take a picture of your document and a selfie.
  3. Transfer €101 to your Kriptomat account by a SEPA transfer in euros. It's important to transfer €101 as there is a deposit fee of €1.
  4. Buy any crypto for €100. You will get your €10 bonus in BTC right after that.
Here's the most cost-efficient way to use this offer:

  1. Buy BTC for €100. It will cost you €1.45
  2. You will receive your €10 bonus in BTC.
  3. Convert all your BTC to XRP. This is fee-free.
  4. Transfer all your XRP to another exchange. I suggest Bitpanda or Coinbase. This only costs a few cents.
  5. Convert your crypto to cash and withdraw it to your bank account.
Your total profit should be around €7.50 (~£7).

Here's a recap on the fees:

- Deposit costs €1

- Buying crypto for €100 costs €1.45

- Withdrawal of XRP to another exchange is only a few cents.

- BTC transfer is around €6, so don’t transfer BTC.


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Oct 16, 2016
Kryptomat - sounds like the place where Superman does his laundry.
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