Other Earning Opportunity Guide: Raid Shadow Legends (Mobile) via Gaintplay (return of the easiest get-paid-to play game offer)


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Apr 24, 2022
A while back, I posted a guide for profiting from playing Raid: Shadow Legends. Figured you all might appreciate a heads up that you can once again make a tidy profit from the game - but this time via the mobile version. The original PC offer was available via Freecash.

The new offer is on Gaintplay. A new challenger that has taken Freecash's crown as the highest paying get-paid-to site. It is currently running a number of promotions that means it pays more than Freecash across the board.

Here is a step by step guide on how to profit from the Raid Shadow Legends offer:

Raid: Shadow Legends (Mobile only - desktop version is different)

Current offer:
£60 for £26 spend via Gaintplay

Requirements: Open two Sacred Shards

Did I complete it? Yes.

Schpiel: Raid is a decent enough turn based battle game. A younger Tightaswhat may have played it a lot. Very easy to complete.

Step by step guide:

Must be completed within 24 hours of installing (or one of the packs does not appear)

  1. Click here to sign up to Gaintplay
  2. On mobile, Click "Earn" then "Revu" offerwall.
  3. Click the Raid Shadow legends offer.
  4. Click "Earn" to be magically transported to the ap/play store.
  5. Download Raid & wait for it to install.
  6. Play through the first fight (everyone dies) and select your character.
  7. Do the first tutorials bits until you hit the campaign map (Equip and upgrade artefacts as you get them).
  8. Play through the campaign map until your player reaches level 10 (you can see what level you are on in the top right corner of the main screen, but it also pops up when you level up).
  9. To speed up playing the rounds, click the auto button, and increase the speed to x2. No need to decide which of your monsters is going to attack first.
  10. When you hit level 10, two offers will pop up to purchase packs each containing 1 Sacred Shard: the “Level 10 Pack” for £12.99 – buy this pack. Level 10 Pack looks like this: and the “Sacred Summon Pack” for £12.99 – buy this pack also. Sacred Summon Pack looks like this:
  11. I had to play one more fight once I had hit level 10 to get the offers to pop up.
  12. Go to your Inbox (the chest in top right corner of main window).
  13. Claim all items in the store.
  14. Go to the “Portal” – the big firey thing.
  15. Click on “Sacred Shard” and then “Summon” – do this twice to open your two sacred shards.
  16. Wait for the $68 (£60) to credit on Gaintplay. Picture proof:
I continued playing another level of Campaign mode whilst waiting for this, and in credited before I had completed that level. The money will pend on Gaintplay for 30 days before you can withdraw. This is to prevent widespread abuse of the offers.

In case you missed it, here is the link to sign up to Gaintplay.
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