Holidays And A Book Made all the Difference For Me

Keith Worboys

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Jan 27, 2014
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Desperate to earn a sufficient income from home in order to (originally) provide myself with the option to say NO to having to work weekends for my relentless boss, I tried all manner of work from home opportunities. An accumulation of which did eventually allow me the freedom to do this but due to there very nature prevented me from going much further due to the weekday hours I was still having to work and my belief that it would always be a struggle.

This in mind I went on to find a solution to both and am pleased to say that I did.

The solutions came in two different forms, the first being a book unlike any other I have ever read. The book title Three Simple Steps takes you on a journey to the calmest parts of your mind where it teaches you exactly how to become master of your own destiny. The author -Trevor G Blake - has used the very steps he teaches in his New York Times best seller to create a multi million £ fortune and still follows these steps today. He also has a Physics of Success course that I have recently applied to.

The second solution came to me in the form of a Holiday membership/opportunity where I now get to offer guaranteed lowest price holiday packages, flights, hotels and all manner of industry familiar savings to individuals, small businesses and groups alike Along with this opportunity, members are invited to our closed Facebook Marketing group where anybody wishing for, can receive personal and precise training on how to best market this sexy opportunity.

Please feel free to ask more about what we do as we are also in the process of arranging to provide further discounts specific to Europe in the form of rail travel, weddings, romantic occasions and more all via a one off lifetime membership.

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