How did we do today surveys.


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May 14, 2014
This is tenuously related to online earning and mystery shopping. The company I work for used to used mystery shoppers. However they stopped about a yearish ago and replaced with how did we do surveys with entry into a national daily cash draw. I have noticed a few companies also solicit the same feedback with the offer of entry into a prize draw. I appreciate that is a prize draw and not guaranteed, however the response rate where I work is so low - I mean max 10 a week. My friend works for a different company and they get a similar response. My point being the odds of winning are not at huge as you may think. Saying that I have only ever remembered to do one!! However another friend did win £1k at Easter from a how did we do survey.

Food for thought on a Friday morning as I try to avoid housework.


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Jan 18, 2014
Thanks for the heads up 8)

I have spells of doing these, but I might ramp it up again now!

I was doing them for the Post Office on a weekly basis when I was visiting more or less every day posting off eBay parcels. I never won anything on those, but I did get invited onto their UK Pulse survey panel and get regular quick online surveys with more chances to win cash prizes. I live in hope! They really are very quick to do.

Just looking at my pile of receipts here on my desk - pretty much all have a "how did we do" link.

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