Surveys I have now made over £350 on Swagbucks.


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Mar 6, 2022
My lifetime earnings on Swagbucks is 49805 swagbucks (the site's currency shares the name with the website). As 700 swagbucks cashes out to £5 on PayPal, (49805÷700) x 5 = 355.75

Swagbucks offers multiple ways to make money.

First there are surveys - provided by multiple external sites, many of which are exclusive to UK users, which can pay anywhere from 10 - 200 swagbucks depending on the survey and provider.

Swagbucks also has a search engine (powered by Yahoo) which pays out a small sum (usually around 5 swagbucks) at random when used.

There is "discover", which asks you to sign up for various websites, or to download certain games and reach a specific level or similar. This features websites and apps for both desktop and mobile users, and can pay 100-3000 swagbucks per discovery, depending on the product.

They also have cashback offers with various online retailers including Tesco, Argos and BooHoo.

Pay out can be made via a huge number of options such as PayPal, Amazon, or gift cards for various online stores. Withdrawals can be made in GBP and the site is very friendly to UK based users.

This is a great legitimate and free site which has made me plenty of beer money, and I hope it helps you.

Sign ups:

Referral : - New users sign up via referral link to receive 300 bonus swagbucks - bonus will be awarded after earning 300 swagbucks.


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Apr 24, 2022
I don't mean to pee on your parade, but I think you would have made more money with the sister company, Inbox Pounds. Some info below... It's never too late to switch, and I only realised Inbox Pounds was better a couple of months ago!!

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What is Inbox Pounds?

Basically, it is exactly the same as its sister site Swagbucks (SB), except it sometimes (or quite often) pays out more for the same offers. Both of these Get-paid-to (GPT) sites are ran by the same company (Prodege). They both have websites and mobile apps where you can answer surveys, search the web, get paid to play games, and get paid to sign up for things. Inbox Pounds may not look as flashy, but more money is more money. If you do surveys or these kinds of offers, then you should also sign up to Inbox Pounds and check which site pays the most!

How do I make the most of Inbox Pounds

First off, you get £1 free to start. Here's my link if anyone wants to use it:

Inbox Pounds with £1 to start

After sign-up you can do any of the surveys, game, or sign up offers, just like you would on SB. But you should shop around and check which site has the best payout. Occasionally there are offers that do not appear on SB. For example, at the moment you can sign up for eToro and get paid £80 for depositing and trading £25. This offer is only on Inbox Pounds.

Some examples of current offers on Inbox Pounds
  1. Get paid £80 for buying and holding £25 of crypto with eToro (you can only do this if you have an apple phone at the moment)
  2. Get paid £25 for signing up to the challenger bank, Monese (free to do)
  3. Get £20 for signing up and verifying with (free to do)
  4. Earn £6 for checking your credit score with Credit Karma (free to do)
  5. Earn £4 for signing up the money manager/bill tracker app, Snoop (free to do)

Inbox Pounds Vs Swagbucks

I've earned over £300 doing the game offers on SB, but I realised that I could have earned more for some of those same offers if I had used Inbox Pounds.

So I signed up and made £70 on Inbox Pounds playing King of Avalon. This offer only paid 7000 SB on Swagbucks (~£54). If anyone else wants to give Inbox Pounds a try, then I'd appreciate if you used my referral link and net yourself a £1 bonus:

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