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Jun 4, 2020
UK has just recently started shipping their MCO Visa cards in Europe (including the UK). If you want to get involved in crypto some way, and also want to use it in everyday life, I think the MCO card is a great opportunity.

There are 5 tiers of cards. The first tier is a free card with decent benefits. At every tier new benefits are added, but as you move up the tiers you buy (and hold on to!!) a certain amount of MCO crypto for 6 months. Here are the best features in my opinion:

- Up to 5% cashback depending on the tier you choose – way better than any similar available visa rewards available in the UK!
- No monthly fees
- Various seasonal offers, including currently 10% cashback at UK supermarkets( including Sainsbury's, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi, McDonald's, Uber Eats, Domino's) – I tried it at LIDL and it paid.
- Hold the MCO coin originally purchased with the card
- A really classy looking metal card (except for the free tier)
- 100% cashback on Spotify subscription each month (all except free tier)
- 100% cashback on Netflix subscription each month (3rd tier and up). The higher tiers also offer Amazon Prime subscription, airport lounge access and Air BnB discounts.
- Simple and smart phone app to access all account details
- Cashbacks are paid in MCO coin, which you can immediately sell for pounds.

The best part about this is you could potentially build up quite a large balance of MCO coin, and sell at a value at a later date. This could be a great opportunity, especially as the MCO card has potential for a lot of users. This is my thoughts only and not advice in any way.

After using the MCO Visa card, I can confidently say this is the best card I have ever used and I do not see myself using another. Combine what I mentioned above with the generous interest rates provided through the earn feature and the essentially free Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime memberships; I can see myself being a customer for life.
As a side note - seem to run offers and promotions for members really frequently, i for one cant wait until the 50% off Bitcoin on the 30th June ( see here -

Also, for a limited time if you use this code:

OR this link:

when signing up you get $50/£40 immediately when you apply for the card (not including the free tier).

I would recommend reading up about it and seeing if its for you!

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