Is there something wrong with me?


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Nov 17, 2015
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I am beginning to wonder!

I just don't seem to be able to do the things that others I see online ( and in real life! ) do to save money.

Change energy suppliers - Too much faff

There is a site called "look after my bills" which can be quite good it automatically changes you each year to the best tariff.. you can save but i did find lower by using comparison sites, but for doing zilch any saving must be good

Organise a water meter - Took me about 4 months
No idea what a water meter is.... move up here.. we have so much you dont need meters

PPI Claims - Were like pulling teeth with me

Have done it 3 times...each time made substantial gains but i couldnt be arsed with the faff of doing it myself for a couple quid more so just let one of the PPI vultures sort it

Getting a new boiler when our last one was on its last legs! - I even dragged that on because the thought of spending £1000 on a new one wound me up even though at that point we were paying out of pocket for repairs on the old one each year + service.

Was kind of similar... think it was the thought of over a grand on one thing put ke off...until it broke for the last time and the choice was taken from me

Weekly Shop - I just use Tesco online even though everyone says Aldi and co are cheaper.

On this i am a bit of a prude.. food is the most basic and important necessity... we all need it and i totally refuse to go likes of Aldi/Lidl with their awful inferior products... did try them once to see if their stuff really was of equal quality but lower priced...never again... the majority of it got binned... so if you are used to proper edible food stick with tesco/asda etc... plus with doing beelivery i actually enjoy going shopping so have never done online grocery shopping

Cutting down bills or ending a contact - If it requires actually talking to a human being I will put it off for WEEKS!

kind of with you on that...only did the "i am leaving... make me stay" thing with Virgin (with no intention whatsoever of moving as no one can come close for broadband) that did work

Even in my 'business' life if I change Social Media or Hosting Provider or whatever it's like this huge drawn out process for me

Is anyone else like this or is it just me?


Dec 18, 2019
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Honestly switching energy supplier (if you do it online) takes so little time - if you use a comparison site they do the whole switch for you, you dont need to notify your supplier of your switch or anything. you just need to put things like your postcode etc in first but that takes very little time.
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