Apr 24, 2022
You can now get £20 in Bitcoin free from Bitcoin Pioneers and Swapi.

This is courtesy of Bitcoin Pioneers and Swapi. Bitcoin Pioneers are a group dedicated to increasing awareness of bitcoin - what it is, what it is not, and what it could mean for you. They figured that the best way to do this was to give people some free bitcoin, so that your first foray into cryptocurrency does not have to cost you anything. There are no deposit requirements, it is just free bitcoin.

Instructions for claiming your free gift from Bitcoin Pioneers:

1 - Claim you Bitcoin Pioneers £10 Free Gift from Luno using the code BPTIGHT10
  • Download Luno and sign up: https://www.luno.com/signup
  • Verify your account with photo ID (UK residents only).
  • Go to Rewards -> Enter the Bitcoin Pioneers code BPTIGHT10.
  • Once done, you will instantly receive £10 worth of Bitcoin in your account.
But what's better than a free £10 in Bitcoin? An additional free £10 in bitcoin.

2 - Swapi free £10 in Bitcoin
  • Download Swapi and sign up: https://www.swapi.global/
  • Create account and use the global promo code STFREE (gives you 650 Swapi points)
  • Tap "Redeem" and choose £10 in Bitcoin with Luno (costs 500 points)
  • You will receive a voucher code that you can add to Luno for another £10 in bitcoin! -Then explore the world of Bitcoin! Also feel free to share these codes!

And what's better than a free £20 in bitcoin? A chance to learn exactly what Bitcoin is at the next Bitcoin Pioneers. You can register for that here: https://bitcoinpioneerswebinar.eventbrite.co.uk/

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