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Oct 16, 2016
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I've been wasting my time over the last 8 weeks on this - Now you can too!

Mint dice is a new casino that operates using crypto currency. At the moment it is giving away bitcoin free to play on the casino. They have a very limited number of games at the moment, but what I like about it is the games are a bit more unusual. I especially like Bitrocket. More games are supposed to be coming soon.

If you want to try it, here's what you need to do.

Sign up at

Do not deposit any of your own money.

Click on the button marked FAUCET. Select currency as Bitcoin (BTC)

Complete the captcha if necessary and click get funds.

You will be credited with 0.000001 bitcoin.

This is enough for one go on Bitrocket, or i think it will get you 10 spins with minimum stakes on the (bit shit) fruit machine.

For Bitrocket, you will see a rocket taking off. As it goes through space it will earn you more and more money as a multiple of your stake until it explodes at a random point. Your job is to cash out just before the point where you think it will explode. The braver you are the more you will get, but if it explodes you get nothing an lose your stake. I have seen it reach the moon before (100x stake) but also explode at 1.01

It defaults to minimum stake and auto cashout at 2.0 I would set the cashout to max and manually hit the cashout button when you want.

You can go back to the faucet several times a day. If you try too many times it will tell you its not available at the moment and come back later.

The catch is you have to reach a high threshold to withdraw your winnings. You can't withdraw anything below 0.001, which i have found impossible to reach. I came close a few times but hit a losing streak and lost everything chasing my losses. If you do manage to reach the minimum amount there is another sting in the tail of a 0.0002 fee for withdrawals. You can't withdraw to any regular currency so you will need a bitcoin wallet if you do manage it.

You can then repeat as many times as you have the stamina for.

Good luck to anyone who gives it a try.
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